The Introductory Blog Post

So here it is. Every blog starts with the first post, and here’s mine.

I’m writing and you’re reading. That’s cool, but there’s a little more. Can I ask you for one more thing, and in return I’ll give you something? Talk to me, let me know what you think, interact with me. In return, I’ll promise to do the same. An interactive and collaborative experience will be much more valuable to us both. This is your invite, so you can’t say you didn’t get one.

Welcome to

The awesome marketing team at FRSecure and SecurityStudio built this site. They built it to promote the UNSECURITY book, and they built it as a place for me to write about whatever comes to mind. I love what they’ve done, and I’m grateful for the amazing work they do. They did a great job, and if you know one of them, give them a high-five!

I’m a security guy. Marketing is a mystery to me. Thank God it’s no mystery to them.

My Thoughts About

Anyone who knows me, knows how I feel about making a name for myself and being known. It’s awkward and uncomfortable. Having a website named after me is weird, but I’m told by people who know things that it’s important. It’s important if we want to help others and fulfill our mission; fixing a broken industry. So, I deal with it.

How I’ll Use

I will use this site to accomplish several objectives. These things get me juiced and ready to go each day.

  • Help people. I’ve said this phrase many times, “information security isn’t about information or security as much as it is about people”. It’s all about people. If we’re not helping someone, then there’s no use to whatever it is we’re doing. Not only do I want to use this site to help people understand and apply information security better, I want to help people with book writing, daily security life struggles, or whatever else comes up during our conversations.
  • Promote the books that I write. Notice plural “books”. UNSECURITY is the first book that I’ve written, but it won’t be the last. It turns out that book writing is fun, and I’ve already started the second one. The second book is (unofficially) titled “Information Security for Normal People”, and I’ll post often about the journey of writing it.
  • Share short thoughts on topics that are dear to me. Faith, family, the information security industry, book writing, and travel (making memories) are all topics that I’ll write about here from time to time.

If more objectives come to mind in the future, I’ll share them. Stay tuned. I plan on writing new (and hopefully short) posts often!

What I won’t use this site for is to sell you any products or services. God knows, there is no shortage of these sites on the Internet already.

How I Hope You’ll Use

I hope you’ll use this site to learn, to share, and to be inspired to do incredible things. Post comments and let me know what you want. How can I help you?


I don’t do spam. I don’t eat it and I don’t send it. Not to mention, it’s also illegal!

I’ll write a privacy policy soon (that you won’t read).

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