UNSECURITY Podcast Episode 13

Each Friday, I’m going to do my best to post the notes for the UNSECURITY Podcast episode that Brad Nigh and Evan Francen (me) will record on the following Monday morning. Each week, Brad and I alternate leading episodes, so I lead the odd episodes and Brad leads the even ones.

These are the notes we use to guide our discussion.

Show Notes

Monday, February 4th, 2019 @ 6:45am

OK, here we go. Today is Monday, February 4th, 2019, and this is episode 13 of the UNSECURITY Podcast. My name is Evan Francen and joining me as always is Mr. Brad Nigh. Good morning Brad, how are you today?

Also joining Brad and me is a special guest, Assistant Minority Leader of the Minnesota House of Representatives and FRSecure’s Chief Storyteller, Jim Nash. Welcome Jim.

As you know, this is my day to lead the show.

We had an eventful week last week. The Polar Vortex, board meetings, travel stories, a panel discussion, and some incident response stuff.

We have a lot to cover in this week’s episode! Let’s get going.

Speaking of incident response stuff… I want to discuss two topics with you guys this morning, and I’d like to start with incident response, more specifically the importance of incident response planning.

The Importance of Incident Response Planning

  • A couple of incidents that you and I worked on last week.
  • In all the calls we’ve received for incident response, how many of the companies had an incident response plan? Can you name one?
  • Last week’s trip and the IRT meeting
  • Talk about another incident or two? How would’ve an incident response plan helped

What’s happening at the State/States – State of Minnesota

State Security Conference

  • Jim, you recently attended a pretty important security event.
  • You attended the NCSL (National Convention of State Legislatures)
  •  You’re one of 22 legislators from across the nation on the task force.
  • “We talked about the California initiative for IOT security, Elections Cyber, GDPR and the California initiative to Americanize it, the veracity of consolidated IT to reduce risk, and pudding” – the “pudding” part is/was a joke

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Topics for Discussion

Any other topic before we get into some of the news?

Recent News

The BIG NEWS of the week – On Monday, news broke about an Apple FaceTime bug
It’s crazy how quickly these things blow up, among the stories:

Other News

2.2B hacked user details found in new ‘Collections’ freely shared databases and 2.2 billion emails found in new Collection data dumps

Criminals Are Tapping into the Phone Network Backbone to Empty Bank Accounts (This was the only news story I saw about this)

Lastly, if we have time:
Microsoft 365 Underwent Two Day Outage, Outlook and Exchange Down


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See you next week!


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