UNSECURITY Podcast Episode 16 Show Notes

Each Friday, I’m going to do my best to post the notes for the UNSECURITY Podcast episode that Brad Nigh and Evan Francen (me) will record on the following Monday morning. Each week, Brad and I alternate leading episodes, so I lead the odd episodes and Brad leads the even ones.

If you missed episode 15, you can still give it a listen.

These are the notes we use to guide our discussion for the UNSECURITY PODCAST – Episode 16. This will end in disaster, or it will be great. Hard to tell where this one will go.

Saturday, February 23rd, 2019 @ 4:00pm


This podcast is led by Brad and he’s invited two special guests for this one; his wife and Evan’s wife. We’ll talk about what it’s like to be married to an information security person and ask a bunch of questions that we think might help us learn more about maintaining a healthy relationship at home while working like we do (long hours, hard challenges, and mission-driven).


[BRAD] Alright, welcome to the UNSECURITY Podcast. My name is Brad Nigh, and I’ll be your host for today’s show. Joining me as always is Evan Francen. Hi Evan.

[EVAN] Hi Brad. Good afternoon.

[BRAD] That’s right. We had to switch it up a little this week because Evan is travelling to a client on Monday and Tuesday. Instead of recording our podcast on a Monday morning, like usual, we’re recording on Saturday afternoon.

We’re excited for today’s show because we have not one, but two special guests.

[EVAN] That’s right. We’re excited. Tell the listeners why we’re so excited Brad.

[BRAD] We’re excited because we’ve invited our wives to participate in today’s show!

[EVAN] Oh boy.

[BRAD] No, I think it’s OK. They promised they’d be nice, and only tell half-truths to protect us.

[EVAN] OK, good.

[BRAD] Ladies, welcome. Say “hi”

[GUEST ONE AND GUEST TWO] Hello guys. Thanks for having us (or whatever).

Interview Questions

These are interview questions for our guests, or more accurately, our own wives.

All our questions are addressed to both wives; however, other questions may come up during the interview that could be addressed to one or the other specifically.

[BRAD] Alright, you guys ready? You’re sort of the stars of the show today. Remember, no bashing and be nice! We can delete this recording if we need to.

Our sample questions. Depending on how things go, we might skip some or add some. We’ll see…

  1. What’s it like to be married to someone who works in information security?
  2. Share some of the hardest challenges in balancing your marriage with his job.
  3. Do you have any interest in being an information security professional yourself?
  4. Do you notice times of increased stress in your spouse’s life that you know come from their work?
  5. How often do you notice increased stress?
  6. Can you share any tips on how to handle your spouse’s work stress?
  7. Do you give advice to your spouse when he’s stressing from work? If so, what advice have you given him that helped (or not)?
  8. How many hours per week does you husband work? Is it too much? What’s the right number of hours?
  9. What’s the best advice for getting your husband to stop thinking about work?
  10. What do you think is different about being married to a person who works in information security versus some other careers?
  11. If you could give one piece of advice to your husbands related to work/life balance, what would it be?
  12. If you could give one piece of advice to other spouses who are married to information security people, what would it be?


What are some of the greatest benefits to your family that have come from your husband’s work in information security?

[BRAD] Phew. Alright then. Thank you, ladies! We made it out of that alive, right?


Week Recap

Quick recap of anything exciting that happened to either one of us last week…

We’re always looking for feedback from you, our listeners. Tell us how you liked our show, make suggestions, or volunteer to be a guest. Whatever. Just email the show at unsecurity@protonmail.com.

By now, you should know where to find me and Evan. Find me on Twitter at @BradNigh. You can find Evan on his website https://evanfrancen.com or on Twitter at @evanfrancen.


OK, let’s get to some news quick. I think we have some time. Ladies, feel free to chime in. You’re perspective matters too.


Well, that just about wraps it up for this week’s show, episode 16. This was another good show. A special thank you to our special guests. Ladies, thank you! I know that both Evan and I are very grateful to be supported like we are.

Any parting words Evan?

Next week, we’re not sure what we’re doing yet. We’ve always been pretty good at winging it anyway. Another quick reminder to send your questions and suggestions to us at unsecurity@protonmail.com

Thank you and see you next week!


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