UNSECURITY Podcast Episode 21 Show Notes

I’m a little less late with the show notes this week.

This week, Brad and I are back together. Brad’s back from his vacation, I’ve been back from mine, and now we’re in Rochester working on some projects. It’s always good to have Brad back, and I’m looking forward to a good week.

Last week’s episode was great! The listeners got to meet Shawn Pollard, a Security Analyst from FRSecure, and a good friend. Shawn and I were on a road trip, working with a client in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Episode 20 was about staying healthy in this industry, and the conversation was genuine. We all know someone who is struggling with mental and/or physical health issues. Some of us have even lost someone close to us. We confront these issues in episode 20, and like I said, it was great!

If you missed episode 20, go give it a listen!

Episode 21

Date: Monday, April 1st, 2019

These are the notes we use to guide the discussion. These notes were written by me (Evan). Last week’s notes were mine too, but I think we’re back to normal schedule-wise after this week.

Brad’s back!

Today’s Topic(s): Dealing with bully customers, and third-party security risk management

The basis for the content of today’s show will be provided by some real-life bullying examples and the recent experience from the last week’s Hacks & Hops event.


[Evan] Good morning everyone, today is April 1st and this is episode 21 of the UNSECURITY Podcast. I’m your host, Evan Francen, and joining me today is my guy, Mr. Brad Nigh.

Brad, welcome back!

[Brad] Says something…

[Evan] I just realized that it’s April Fool’s Day. You planning anything today Brad?

[Brad] Says something…

[Evan] How was your vacation? Wait! I know you had some drama, care to share a little?

[Brad] Says something…

Some additional catch-up/chit-chat…

Bullying Customers

[Evan] One topic that I wanted to discuss in today’s podcast is mean customers, or bully customers. Doesn’t have to be restricted to customers either really, a bully is a bully I suppose. The reason why this was top-of-mind for me was because %STORY%. Couple of questions, do you know the story I’m talking about and have you ever been bullied by a customer?

[Brad] Says something…

Open Discussion, Dealing with bullying customers and bullies in general

[Evan] Alright, good insight. Switching gears now.

Third-party security risk management

[Evan] This is actually a topic that’s near and dear to my heart, and I think it’s one that you happen to like to Brad; third-party security risk management.

[Brad] Says something…

[Evan] Last week, FRSecure held their latest Hacks & Hops event titled DEFEND! Step Up Your Data Security Defenses Against Third-Party Risks. What did you think about the event Brad?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

[Brad] Says something…

[Evan] I’m really diggin’ the whole Hacks & Hops Event Series, and I’m pumped for the next one. You know what the next one is?

Open Discussion

[Evan] So, you and I have built at least our share (probably more) of third-party security risk management programs over the years. Let’s discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Open Discussion, Nuts and Bolts of Third-Party Security Risk Management


[Evan] You have time to catch-up on the news this week?

[Brad] Says something…

[Evan] Yeah, it was a crazy week. Things should settle down travel-wise after this week, and we’ve got the CISSP Mentor Program kicking off one week from today!

[Brad] Says something…

[Evan] It’s not too late to sign up for the online/remote access, but the in-person registrations were sold out months ago.

[Evan] Here’s some recent news that caught my eye this week.

There’s a ton more news to talk about, but we’re out of time. There’s no shortage of breaches, bugs, and attack news. Stay alert and be careful! If you’re not keeping up with the news, or you feel a bit overwhelmed, you’re not alone. What are some of you’re favorite ways to stay up-to-date, but not get slammed?


[Evan] Any parting words of wisdom Brad? Great to have you back!

[Brad] Wisdomy things.

OK, well that just about wraps things up here from sunny Rochester, New York.

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Email us on the show at unsecurity@protonmail.com.

Thank you and see you next week!


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