The UNSECURITY Podcast – Episode 27 Show Notes

Yes! It’s Friday, the sun is shining and we’re on time.

Hope you had a good week. Things are crazy busy at FRSecure and SecurityStudio which is good. It’s part of why we play this game.

Brad leads the show this week, and he’s put together the show notes. I’m currently in (or on my way to) Anaheim, California for the North America CACS 2019 Conference. For those who are unaware (and care), it’s one of ISACAs big annual events. I’ll be speaking at the conference on Monday morning. I’ll post some stuff about the experience in a future post.

Anyway, back to the show. Last week Brad and I discussed the topic of Ego and Arrogance in Information Security. It was a good topic. We could have talked about it much longer than we did, but we spared you. 😉

This week, Brad is joined by a special guest while I call in from Cali. The cool kids call it “Cali”. Our special guest is none other than Mr. Ryan Cloutier, a cool cat with some good security chops and a noble mission. Yeah, I just said that.

SHOW NOTES – Episode 27

Date: Monday, May 13th, 2019

Today’s Topics:

  • Introduction and Discussion with Ryan Cloutier
  • InfoSec in K-12
  • News

[Brad] It’s another Monday morning here at FRSecure/SecurityStudio world headquarters which means it’s time for another episode of the Unsecurity podcast. It’s Monday, May 13 2019 and this is episode 27. I’m Brad Nigh and I’m your host this week. Evan’s not physically here today but is joining us by phone. Evan, are you awake this early on the West Coast?

[Evan] Hopefully he’s had enough caffeine to be awake.

[Brad] Evan is out in Anaheim to speak at the ISACA CACS conference.  So today I’m joined in studio by a special guest. Joining us today is Ryan Cloutier! Welcome Ryan.

[Ryan] Probably says something here if his coffee has kicked in.


We’re excited to have Ryan join us today. He’s very passionate about training and teaching children about Information Security. Things to talk about with Ryan:

  • What got you into information security?
  • What part of information security gets you excited?
  • Do you have a personal mission or purpose in the field?
  • I noticed that you do a lot of volunteer work, tells us about it?
  • In episode 20 we covered the topic of staying healthy in the information security industry. How do you keep a good balance between personal time, work, volunteering, social media (LinkedIn), etc.?
  • What sorts of things are you working on now?

Open Discussion around Information Security in K-12

[Brad] When we met last week it came up that you and I have a similar personal mission, teaching and protecting kids regarding Information Security in the K-12 space.  I’m a volunteer for (ISC)² Safe & Secure Online,  Tell us a little bit about what you’ve been doing around this.

[Ryan] Talks about the things he’s doing

[Brad] Do you follow

[Evan] hopefully chimes in and doesn’t nod off since it will be 4:45am for him when we start

[Brad] OK. Thanks guys. Now some quick news stories from the past week.


Scott County Schools victim of $3.7 million scam (update: they recovered it!)

‘Unhackable’ Biometric USB Offers Up Passwords in Plain Text

Americans Overly Confident in Cyber Hygiene


[Brad] Well that’s all the time we have, although I suspect we could go for another hour without a problem. A special thanks to Ryan for visiting with us today! Thank you. Don’t forget, you can follow me or Evan on Twitter; @evanfrancen and @BradNigh. Email us on the show at Ryan, how do you like people finding you?

[Ryan] Tells us how to find him

[Brad] Awesome. Thanks again! That’s it for episode 27.

Have a great week everyone!


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