The UNSECURITY Podcast – Episode 28 Show Notes

Whaaaaaaat?! Is this two Friday’s in a row? I’m on time two weeks in a row? Sort of a miracle.

It’s been a crazy, crazy week. I won’t speak too much for Brad, but I think his was probably crazy too.

We started the week off with episode 27 of the Unsecurity Podcast. Special thanks to our guest Ryan Cloutier. I was in Anaheim, California while Ryan and Brad were in studio. We talked about information security in K-12, and equipping children for today’s (and the future’s) most pressing security and privacy challenges. Ryan’s insights were awesome and well-received.

We record our podcasts every Monday morning at 6:45am CDT. That made it 4:45am for me in California. Early start, and we ran hard ever since. The quick summary of the week consisted of five talks, four conferences, two CISSP Mentor Program classes and a panel. It was a really good week, but one where we had to hustle from beginning to end.

The five talks (conference, title, speaker):

  1. ISACA North America CACS Conference, Why?, Evan

  2. Loffler 2019 Tech Fest, Speaking Information Security, Evan

  3. 2019 Secure360, Disaster doesn’t have to be debilitating: The best way to build your disaster recovery plan, Brad
  4. 2019 Secure360, Speaking Information Security, Evan
  5. Minnesota State IT Center for Excellence New Directions Faculty Conference, 7 Facts About Unicorns 38 of the 100 Truths About Information Security, Evan

I’ll write something up about each talk and share the presentations later.

Turned out to be ~350 PowerPoint slides this week for the five talks, and two CISSP Mentor Program classes. PowerPoint hell, is what it was.

OK, enough. About the show. Figured we share our week and our experiences with you this week. There’s plenty of good nuggets in there.



SHOW NOTES – Episode 28

Date: Monday, May 20th, 2019

Today’s Topics:

  • The Week That Was; 5 Talks, 4 Conferences, 2 Classes, and a Panel
  • News

[Evan] Hey, hey. It’s time for episode 28 of the Unsecurity Podcast! I’m Evan Francen, your host for this week, and sitting right here next to me is Brad Nigh. How ya doin’ Brad?

[Brad] Brad tells us that he’s doing awesome! Because awesome people are awesome, DUH!

[Evan] Well, we survived the week that was. I wrote a little diddy online about my week. How was yours?

[Brad] His week was awesome! See above.

[Evan] I figured we take a week off from a guest and talk about our week. I learned a boatload of stuff last week and the talks were really fun. Whatya say Brad? You game?

[Brad] Awesome! Again, see above. You’ll notice a pattern. 🙂

The Week That Was; 5 Talks, 4 Conferences, 2 Classes, and a Panel

[Evan] Last week was a crazy week, but it was a fun week, and it was a really valuable week. I want to take some time to chat about our experiences. I gave four talks last week, and I learned some really good stuff in each of them. Let’s start with your talk at Secure360 though. Tell us about it.

[Brad] Tells the story.

[Evan] Start with the ISACA talk, leading to open discussion.

Open Discussion About Talks, Classes, and the Panel

Blah, blah, blah and such…

[Evan] Cool! It was a great week for both of us. Everything taking us steps closer to our mission. Can’t say how grateful I am to do this stuff with our amazing team, especially you sir. [I’ll probably give Brad some sort of wink or nudge, like friends do] Let’s talk news.


Microsoft worm warning: Windows users urged to patch now

Microsoft Warns of a Monster Computer Bug, in a Week of Them

Two Years Later WannaCry Continues to Spread to Vulnerable Devices, Nearly 5M Devices Affected

Hacktivist attacks dropped by 95% since 2015

Why Are Cryptographers Being Denied Entry into the US?

Report Reveals TeamViewer Was Breached By Chinese Hackers In 2016


[Evan] That’s the meat of the show right there. What’s your week look like Brad?

[Brad] Awesome! (default now)

[Evan] Have anything special planned for next week’s show?

[Brad] We’ll see…

[Evan] Alright. Thank you Brad. Don’t forget, you can follow me or Brad on Twitter; @evanfrancen and @BradNigh. Email us on the show at That’s a wrap!


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