The UNSECURITY Podcast – Episode 29 Show Notes

Hi again! It’s time for the episode 29 show notes, and I’m on time again. That’s three in a row if your keeping score.

Hope you all had a good week! Most of my time was spent trying to catch up, but that’s the norm. I only had one trip this week. On Thursday, I made my way out to Denver to give a talk (or workshop) about security incident management. The workshop was hosted by the Denver ISSA Chapter. The Denver ISSA Chapter is the largest ISSA chapters in the world, and you could argue it’s one of the best too. Some of the best people I have ever spoken to about information security. I’ll write a separate post about the experience. For now, we’ll just say it was awesome!

Last week, Brad and I discussed a crazy week that included five talks, four conferences, two classes, and a panel. Episode 28 was fun, as are most episodes. This week, we’re switching things up.

SHOW NOTES – Episode 29

Date: Monday, May 27th, 2019

Today’s Topic:

A special show and tribute. You’ll need to tune in for the details.

[Evan] Welcome! This is episode 29 of the Unsecurity Podcast! I’m Evan Francen, and joining me as almost always is my good friend Brad Nigh. How you doing Brad?

[Brad] Alive and well

[Evan] Brad, as you know, it’s Memorial Day. An important holiday in the United States. The holiday is specifically set aside to remember and celebrate the honorable men and women who have served our country and have passed on. We’re going to put a little remembrance about information security into today’s episode. What do you say?

[Brad] Yes. Let’s do that.

[Evan] The special treat for today’s episode is something that’s been around for a long time. Some of us who’ve been around for a long time will remember the day fondly, others will want to listen and know what life was like in information security.

[Brad] Sounds good! I know what you’re taking about and I think people will love it.

[Evan] A little more background and intro to the audio, then cut over.

Audio – A classic security discussion.

[Evan] Alright, we’re back. What did you think?

[Brad] Awesome. Such a classic.

Short discussion about the audio.

Less than three minutes.


[Evan] Alright. Thank you Brad. Don’t forget, you can follow me or Brad on Twitter; @evanfrancen and @BradNigh. Email us on the show at That’s a wrap! Have a great week.


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