The UNSECURITY Podcast – Episode 33 Show Notes

Brad is leading this week’s show, but it’s NOT his fault that I didn’t get the show notes posted until now (Sunday).

As always, I hope everyone/anyone reading this had a great week last week. I believe that every week holds something special if you look for it with the right frame of mind.

I got back to writing the 2nd book last week, finally. I’m behind on getting this thing done. In case you didn’t know, I’m in the middle of writing a 2nd book right now. This book is “information security for normal people” for lack of a better title. I’m excited and happy to be back working on it again.

Lots of other cool things last week too. I’ll just pick two for now:

  1. Managers were in town last week for their quarterly strategy meetings. I don’t really participate in the meetings, but I do get to see the people who come in from out of town! Seeing Oscar Minks (Director of Technical Services from Kentucky) and Tyler Briggs (Project Management Team Lead from Florida) is always awesome!
  2. We secured two panelists for the upcoming Hacks & Hops event on September 19th. The event is titled “BREACHED! What to Do When Your Defenses Fail“. Seriously, check this out! Mark Lanterman (Chief Technology Officer of Computer Forensic Services) and Chris Roberts (Chief Security Strategist for Attivo, Advisor for Cympire, OverWatchID, HHS and others…) will both be on the panel! So friggin’ pumped about this. These guys are the real deal and it’s an honor to be on the same stage with them.

If you don’t have tickets already for Hacks & Hops, you better get them soon. This thing is definitely going to sell out! Watch for more announcements soon.

OK, that’s enough. I need to get to it. Here are Brad’s show notes!

SHOW NOTES – Episode 33

Date: Monday, June 24th, 2019

Today’s Topics:

  • More Ransomware – City Riviera Beach
  • News

[Brad] Good morning! This is Brad Nigh, and this is episode 33 of the UNSECURITY Podcast. I actually did my part and got show notes prepped and ready this week.  With me as usual is Evan Francen, good morning Evan.

[Evan] Says Evan things

[Brad] I had our offsite VTO last week which is also so amazing.  It is recharging despite being a lot of work, if that makes sense.  I’m also wrapping up the IR I had, but we had yet another one come in last week, this one was a web app that a client found a vulnerability in (the exposed the DB to the internet, not just the app, among other things).  So with that lead in,  How was your week last week Evan?

[Evan] Starts getting riled up

[Brad] This week we are jumping right in to the discussion because this is a topic we are both very passionate about and want to spend some time discussing.  We are going to talk about the Riviera Beach City Ransomware incident today.

Open discussion about the Riviera Beach City Ransomware

Reference Riviera Beach City ransomware articles:

[Brad] I didn’t do a lot of extra news stories this week but I wanted to include these two because of their relevance to our topic today.



[Brad] That’s a wrap! Thanks again to our listeners, and thank you Evan! Let’s go have a great week! Don’t forget, you can follow me or Evan on Twitter; @BradNigh is me, and Evan’s at @evanfrancen. Email us on the show at


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