The UNSECURITY Podcast – Episode 36 Show Notes

Happy Monday! What?! Yeah Monday. Friday came and went, then Saturday and Sunday did too. These show notes that are supposed to be put here on Friday, didn’t get here till now. Enjoy!

Last week was a great week until Thursday, that’s when the travel adventures began. I’ll write about being stuck in Newark, NJ in a another post. Regardless, it’s good to be back home and ready to go.

Here’s the show notes that my buddy Brad put together for this week’s rant.

SHOW NOTES – Episode 36

Date: Monday, July 15th, 2019

Today’s Topic: The Money Grab

[Brad] – Good morning this is Brad Nigh, your host for episode 36 of the UNSECURITY Podcast. Today is Monday July 15th and joining me as always is Evan Francen

[Evan]  – Says Evan-y things

[Brad] – I won’t lie, writing this episode was much harder than I expected.  I know a lot of what we wanted to cover but writing it and researching… I just struggled.

[Evan]  – Consoles and sympathizes with writers block (I hope)

[Brad] – I hit my breakthrough when I had my ‘DUH’ moment and opened your book to chapter 9.  Why in the world was I trying to reinvent the wheel when you’ve already done an amazing job spelling it out.

[Evan]  – Evan is probably to humble here but he will say something gracious.

[Brad] –  So with that let’s talk about the money grab – the money we steal from each other, or maybe “spend” is more politically correct.  In your book you cover 3 problems you have identified.

  1. There’s plenty of snake oil for sale.
  2. Fear and sex sells lots of stuff.
  3. Money spent poorly is bad money.

ISC2 just released a study that I think hammers home the issues we see.

Small Businesses Need New Security Solutions but Aren’t Always Sure Which Ones

Open Discussion with some articles

[Brad] That was a good discussion. As you can tell, both Evan and I can get pretty heated up about these things. Let’s get to a couple of news items before wrapping this episode up.



[Brad] That’s a wrap! Thanks again to our listeners, and thank you Evan! Let’s go have a great week! Don’t forget, you can follow me or Evan on Twitter; @BradNigh is me, and Evan’s at @evanfrancen. Email us on the show at


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