The UNSECURITY Podcast – Episode 65 Show Notes – Money Grab

Another week down. Damn, a whole month is down! January is already in the books.

While I’ve got you here, help us out with our mission. We’re busting our tails off doing our part to fix the broken information security industry. We’re striving and doing these things:

  • Setting a common information security language that can be spoken by everyone; the S2Score.
  • Developing and delivering simple (but effective and credible) information security risk assessments for the under-served (SMBs, state and local government, K-12, etc.):
  • Developing and delivering simple (but effective and credible) tools to help the under-served do information security better.
  • Teaching and mentoring others for free. The FRSecure CISSP Mentor Program is in it’s 11th year! We started with six students in 2010, last year we had 532, and this year we had more than 540 enrollments within the first 24 hours! Check it out and enroll here.

What can you do to help? Simple. You can help in (at least) three ways:

  • Do your own S2Org and S2Me assessments.
  • Contribute your opinions and feedback (after all, we’re all in this together).
  • Spread the word. Tell others. Tell them about the S2Org and S2Me assessments and tell them about the FREE FRSecure CISSP Mentor Program!

OK, on to the show…

February is already upon us, and RSA is just around the corner. Speaking of RSA, let’s talk about our industry’s money grab in this week’s episode. Let’s also discuss tips for talking to the board of directors about information security stuff .

This will be fun!

Alright, on to the show notes. This is my (Evan) show to lead and these (below) are my notes.

SHOW NOTES – Episode 65

Date: Monday, February 2nd, 2020

Show Topics:

Our topics this week:

  • Opening
    • Normal Stuff
    • Got Mail?
  • The Money Grab
    • It’s alive and well – everybody wants your $$$.
    • The Bad Guys Of Course
    • The “Good Guys” Too?
  • Talking to the Board
    • Tips
    • Recent Experiences
  • News

[Evan] Alright, welcome! This is Evan Francen, this is episode 65 of the UNSECURITY Podcast, and the date is February 3rd, 2020. In studio with me is none other than Mr. Brad Nigh. Howdy Brad.

[Brad] We’ll see how awake he is on an early Monday morning.

[Evan] I’m curious, are you a morning person or a night person?

[Brad] I don’t know what he’ll say here…

[Evan] We’ve got a great show planned for you today. Lots to talk about, for sure! We’re going to talk about this industry’s money grab and we’ll cover some tips for speaking to the board of directors. Before we dig in, Brad, how you doing?

Quick Catch-up Talk

[Evan] Alright. Well, let’s get to it. Let’s talk about the money grab in this industry. In case you didn’t know, I’m referring to the information security industry. You have the something that everybody wants. The bad guys, the good guys, and everyone in between. They all want your money. Collectively, I call this the “money grab” and we’re going to discuss this. I want to discuss this because I don’t want you losing your hard earned money to some crook and I don’t want you to piss it away on something that doesn’t do what you thought.

Discussion about the Money Grab

The money grab is alive and well. Everybody wants your $$$. Everybody.

  • The Bad Guys Of Course
    • The 2018 cybercrime industry was worth at least $1.5 trillion
    • There is no low that’s too low.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • The “Good Guys” Too?
    • Gartner estimated that 2019 industry spending was $124 billion in 2019, and by some estimated it’s expected to grow to more than $170 billion by 2022. NOTE: this is for context only and not to imply that this is wasted spending.
    • FUD (scare the sh*t out of you) and Sex Sell (buzzwords, new blinky lights, etc.)
    • Seems like everybody is fighting for your money.
      • Conferences (RSA, Black Hat, etc.)
      • Companies (borderline extortion, crappy advise, etc.)
    • We’re (FRSecure and SecurityStudio) human too. Mission over money, does it keep us honest?

[Evan] It’s a dangerous world and people (non-information security people are confused). I wonder how much of this is on purpose. The enterprise organizations can afford to make mistakes, but the smaller players are left in the cold and they’re suffering because they often miss the basics, the fundamentals. I feel bad for the under-served markets, especially SMBs. This is our primary focus. OK, on that note…

Discussion about talking boards of directors and executive management

[Evan] Brad, you and I have had the privilege on many occasions to talk to boards and executives. What tips do we have?

Some good back and forth discussion I’m sure…

After a while, let’s do some news.


[Evan] I’ve only got two stories to discuss today, but I think they’re interesting ones:


[Evan] OK, that’s it. Episode 65 is in the bag. Brad, you’ve got any ideas for next week’s show yet?

[Brad] Maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t…

[Evan] Thank you to our listeners, we love hearing from you. If you’ve got something to say, email us at If you would rather do the whole social thing, we tweet sometimes. I’m @evanfrancen and Brad’s @BradNigh. If you like company stuff, we work for SecurityStudio (@studiosecurity) and FRSecure (@FRSecure). The company people post good things from time to time too!

That’s it. Talk to you all again next week!

#S2Roadshow Recap – Week Four

San Diego, CA and Wise, VA

If you’re new, or you’re confused about this #S2Roadshow thing, start here (maybe).

Previous Week’s Recaps:

The purpose of the SecurityStudio Roadshow (#S2Roadhow) is to meet people and make partners. We want to meet people, understand their businesses, and help them grow using simple, fundamental, and compliant solutions (S2Score, S2Org, S2Vendor, and S2Team/S2Me).

Our mission is to fix the broken information security industry. Success requires collaboration, partnership, and transparency.

This week, John and I split up again, like we did in Week #2. I’ve got to be honest with you, traveling with John is more fun than not.

BBQ Reviews

In full transparency, we have a secondary mission on the #S2Roadshow. We eat as much BBQ as we can. After stuffing ourselves, I summarize our BBQ reviews at the end of each recap article (see below).

San Diego, California

My visit to San Diego was a short one, only one night. Flight to San Diego on Wednesday morning, and a flight back to Minnesota Thursday night. The primary purpose of my trip was to speak at the San Diego ISSA chapter meeting on Thursday.

I caught a 6:05am flight out of Minneapolis (too early) and got to San Diego around noon. I didn’t have any meetings yet, and it was too early to check into my hotel, so I hung out a Starbucks to catch up on some work.

The weather in San Diego was incredible! Mid-80s and sunny. Beats Minnesota where it was in the low-40s and rainy. Life is good.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Eventually got caught up (almost), checked in, and grabbed some much desired BBQ (see below).

San Diego ISSA Chapter Meeting

Arrived a bit early to the meeting (not too early) and was surprised to see two of my favorite security people right when I walked in; Robert and Tina (pic in gallery below)! Got settled in and delivered my standard message. The meeting was well-attended, and I met some incredible people! I know that I use the word “incredible” a lot, but seriously, these were some of the best people I’ve met so far on our Roadshow. Met new friends Will, Alex, Jen, Salvador, Quinton, Tim, and Greg to name a few. I’m very excited to get to know them more and collaborate on cool things!

A copy of my standard presentation deck that I spoke from is here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Loved every minute of this. After the chapter meeting, I stopped by a friend’s work to say “hi” before heading to the airport. Shared a cup of coffee and a quick chat with Brian Gibbs.

This trip was a huge success, certain to produce some great relationships and some new SecurityStudio partnerships too!

Wise, Virginia

John was in Wise, Virginia at the same time I was in San Diego. John says he got the fuzzy end of the lollipop on this deal, but whatever. He was in Wise to speak at BSides Southwest Virginia, and I haven’t had much of a chance to catch up with him yet. I assume the event went well because he’s still alive and stuff. I saw him on Friday in the office, but we just didn’t get a chance to talk about his trip. So many meetings!

BBQ Reviews

Only two BBQ reviews this week, one from San Diego and one from Kingsport, Tennessee.

San Diego

Only had time to visit one BBQ joint, so I figured I better make it a good one. I searched online and found this place called Bowlegged BBQ located at 4255 Market Street in San Diego. 149 Yelp reviews and a rating of five stars! Impressive. I asked a few locals if they’d heard of the place. None of the people I asked had heard of it. Well, let’s do it…

Bowlegged BBQ – no website – Overall: 8.75

OK, this was some good BBQ! I feel bad for all the people who live here, but never experienced the joy. The place is family-owned and the atmosphere was perfect for a BBQ joint. A little cluttered, a little dirty, a little nostalgic, and a whole bunch of character. Ordered my meat from Jordan behind the counter, and I told him all I wanted was meat, no sides. Ordered rib tips, ribs, and brisket. The price? 20 bucks.

1o minutes later, I get this Styrofoam container filled with deliciousness. Like really filled and like really delicious! As you can see in the picture, the meat is drowning in sauce, and that’s generally a big no-no for me. For some reason it worked. The sauce was some sort of rural Georgia-tasting stuff with a hint of cinnamon. Weird, but delicious! I texted John and told him it was like a love fest between my mouth, my brain, and my belly. Definitely recommended!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kingsport, Tennessee

Broad Street BBQ – – Overall: 7.5

John’s words, “BBQ Review: Broad Street BBQ, Kingsport, TN. Brisket was decent, the rest was just ok. Will do in a pinch, but probably one and done on this one. Super nice people though!

That’s what he said.

OK, just two BBQ reviews. Sort of sad really. 🙁

BBQ Summary

Those were two new BBQ joints to add to our list. The winner this week was Bowlegged BBQ. Pecan Lodge is still the the overall #S2Roadshow leader with a score of 9, but Bowlegged BBQ jumps in at the #2 spot! The current overall standings are listed below.

Overall Standings (at the end of #S2Roadshow Week Three):

  • Pecan Lodge – 9
  • Bowlegged BBQ – 8.75
  • Divine Swine – 8.5
  • Big Ed’s BBQ – 8.25
  • Mission BBQ – 8
  • Blackwood BBQ – 7.5
  • Broad Street BBQ – 7.5
  • Spring Creek Barbeque – 7.25
  • Redd’s BBQ – 7.25
  • Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ – 7
  • Smoque – 6.75
  • Sweet Lucy’s Smokehouse – 6.75
  • Red Coal BBQ – 6.75
  • Hambone’s Smokehouse – 6.25
  • Shakedown BBQ – N/A (wasn’t open when it was supposed to be, wasted trip)
  • Hard Eight BBQ – INC (we were too full, need to go back)

Next Week’s #S2Roadshow

John and I are together again, and we’re back in Dallas! It’s going to be hard to pass up Pecan Lodge and we definitely need to visit Hard Eight again (this time we’ll eat it).

We’re heading to Dallas this week to participate in an ICI Cybersecurity Forum. Should be fun.

Stay tuned for next week’s #S2Roadshow updates! You can follow us on Twitter (@evanfrancen, @HarmonJohn, @StudioSecurity, and the #S2Roadshow hashtag) and on LinkedIn.

See you next week! If you want to collaborate with us, get in touch!

#S2Roadshow Recap – Week Three

Chicago, IL and Dallas, TX

If you’re new, or you’re confused about this #S2Roadshow thing, start here (maybe).

Previous Week’s Recaps:

The purpose of the SecurityStudio Roadshow (#S2Roadhow) is to meet people and make partners. We want to meet people, understand their businesses, and help them grow using simple, fundamental, and compliant solutions (S2Score, S2Org, S2Vendor, and S2Team/S2Me).

Our mission is to fix the broken information security industry. Success requires collaboration, partnership, and transparency.

BBQ Reviews

In full transparency, we have a secondary mission on the #S2Roadshow. We eat as much BBQ as we can. After stuffing ourselves, I summarize our BBQ reviews at the end of each recap article (see below).

Chicago, Illinois

John and I started the roadshow this week on Monday night with our flight to Chicago.


We were invited to Chicago by HSBC to talk with employees about information security. This was part of the company’s annual awareness campaign coinciding with National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Their theme for this week was “Cyber Week #3: Cybersecurity in Our Personal Lives/Cybersecurity on the Move”, and it was an honor to be a part of it. Our talk was delivered in their Arlington Heights headquarters and it was telecast live all over the world. Super cool experience!

John took this pic and posted it to his LinkedIn feed:

In the talk, I discussed how people are creatures of habit. The same good (or poor) security habits they exhibit at home are the same ones they are bringing into the workplace. I also discussed:

  • Limitations in traditional training and awareness programs.
  • Motivating people by making information security personal.
  • If security doesn’t motivate, maybe privacy will. If privacy won’t motivate, maybe safety will.
  • The free S2Me personal security assessment and results from our audience (this was eye-opening for many).

Feedback was awesome, and we hope we made a difference. After the talk, there were a dozen(ish) people who came up to us with questions and requests for more information. If you’d like a copy of my presentation deck, I made it available here on SlideShare.


Our HSBC meeting was arranged by one of our amazing partners, Ryan Heining from FRG Solutions. Ryan met us at HSBC before the talk, and after the talk we collaborated over lunch. You get one guess about what we had for lunch (read the review below).

We also met a new prospective partner while we were in Chicago; Spector Security. It’s funny how you can tell right off the bat if there’s a fit between two organizations. Spector is in business for the right reasons, to help organizations be more secure by focusing on fundamentals first. They’re not in business to sell snake oil or take your money regardless of need. The company is run by two upstanding guys; Kevin and Zach. They’re the real deal. The conversation was awesome, and I’m excited to stay in touch while they grow their company. Check them out on their website or follow them on Twitter.

We love finding and helping companies who are serving their clients’ best interests. Companies like Spector Security are friends in this mission to fix the broken industry.

Overall, Chicago was nice. We ate some good BBQ, gave a good talk, and made a bunch of friends. By Wednesday afternoon we were on our way to Dallas, Texas.

Dallas, Texas

John and I were both excited for our visit to Dallas, for a number of reasons:

  • We had some meetings scheduled with security folks in the area.
  • John is originally from Dallas.
  • My wife and daughter were flying down from Minnesota to meet me.
  • We were participating in the ISC2 Cyber Aware Dallas Conference, where I was also giving the keynote.
  • There are rumors that the BBQ in Dallas is the bomb.

We landed on Wednesday night, got cars, met people, and got settled for what turned out to be a great couple of days!

ISC2 Cyber Aware Dallas Conference

The conference was held at the Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center on the campus of the University of Texas at Dallas on Friday (10/18). It was a beautiful venue!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I kicked things off with my keynote. My talk was one that I had given a few times before, and if you’ve followed me at all, you’ve probably seen it a few times already. Nothing earth shattering, just basic and fundamental information security truth. I even kept the title the same; “WANTED – People Committed to Solving our Information Security Language Problem”. I’ll keep preaching this until it feels like people really get it (and apply it). If you’d like a copy of this slide deck, here it is. Feel free to share it, use it, steal from it, or whatever else you’d like, as long as you’re helping fix this industry with it.

After my talk, I met a bunch of really good people. It’s hard to remember all of their names and all of the places they work, and I need to get much better at this. Three people in particular stuck out to me:

  • A man who runs IT (and infosec) for a group of colleges in Texas. He stuck out to me because he asked a great question during my talk, he followed up with me afterwards, and we ran into each other five or six times later throughout the day. He’s been in information security for a long time, and he really get’s it (the importance of fundamentals, how S2Org/S2Score are great tools, and how we need to solve our problems together). He became an advocate for us at the conference and brought many people to our booth. I can’t remember, but I think I gave him a signed copy of my book. Anyway, meeting him and talking with him was a wonderful experience for me.
  • There was a guy here who participated in FRSecure’s CISSP Mentor Program! We talked briefly before my keynote, but he didn’t know who I was. He didn’t know that I was Evan Francen or that I was the same guy who runs the CISSP Mentor Program with Brad Nigh (FRSecure). After my talk he ran me down to express how excited he was to meet me in person and to thank me. These encounters are always a little awkward for me, but I told him that he made my day by sharing.
  • Someone who works at a Fortune 500 company and feels unfulfilled in his work. He wants to start his own information security consulting company because he wants to help SMBs be better protected. He was looking for some advice in starting his own business and wanted to know how SecurityStudio’s tools could help him. This conversation brought back memories. I’m looking forward to seeing him get up and running!
  • JP Hill III is the President of the (ISC)² Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter and he was instrumental in putting this conference together. He’s a great guy with a lot of energy! I loved meeting and collaborating with him. We’ll be visiting with the (ISC)² Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter many more times in the future as we work together to serve this community.
  • One last person who really stood out was a guy who made it a point to track me down and tell me how much my talk meant to him. He stuck out because of his enthusiasm and authenticity. I pray he never loses either. 🙂

There were many others, but these are the conversations that stick out right now. It was a very good conference and all of my conversations were great! Huge success.


We met a handful of partners in Dallas, and I’m pretty sure we’ll formalize at least three of our relationships here. There’s a great deal of potential in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, so I’m sure we’ll make more friends here.

We will be back in Dallas in a few weeks, so we didn’t overdo this trip.

P.S. While we were in Dallas, we took calls from a potential partner in North Carolina and started conversations with a company in the UK. Things are heating up! Good things.

BBQ Reviews

Holy buckets, we had some great BBQ this week! There’s no shortage of BBQ joints to try out in Chicago or Dallas, so we had plenty of choices. John and I also receive suggestions everywhere we go now.


We visited three BBQ joints while we were in Chicago. Here’s what we thought…

Blackwood BBQ – – Overall: 7.5

There are five locations for Blackwood BBQ, and we visited the Schaumburg location for lunch. John and I both ordered combos. He got sliced brisket, pulled pork, and burnt ends. I got sliced brisket, burnt ends and ribs. It was a really nice BBQ joint with a rustic, busy, but open atmosphere. The BBQ is self-service, meaning you order at the counter and grab your food when it’s ready. The portions were generous and the taste was pretty darn good. I’d say overall, it was definitely above average is all aspects.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you’re in the Chicago area, it’s definitely worth the trip.

Big Ed’s BBQ – – Overall: 8.25

We made the drive up to Waukegan to give Big Ed’s BBQ a try, and we’re definitely glad we did! This is a BBQ joint that is run by Ed (a few of his business partners) and his lovely family. You can read about the Big Ed story on their website. The atmosphere is great, with Ed’s son preparing the meat while Ed’s wife rings you up at the register. By the time we got there, they had already sold out of the brisket and burnt ends, so we settled for ribs and rib tips. We thought we were settling, but we were wrong! The ribs and tips were awesome!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The service was top notch, the portions were huge, and the meat was great! You have to visit this place. Highly recommended!

Smoque – – Overall: 6.75

Smoque was recommended to us by a friend. He claimed that they had the best BBQ in Chicago.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was OK. They have two locations, and we visited the one in the Old Irving Park Neighborhood. The placed was cramped, the service was good, the portions were sort of small, and the taste was above average. Overall, it was good and worth the trip, but it wasn’t the best in Chicago as we were promised by our friend.


We visited three BBQ joints while we were in Dallas, but we only ate at two. This is because we were both too full to eat at one of them, read on…

Pecan Lodge – – Overall: 9

We heard from multiple people that we had to go to Pecan Lodge located in Deep Elum, so we did. Are we ever glad we did! This was the best BBQ we’ve had yet on our three week-old #S2Roadshow, and I even made a friend.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I had the sliced brisket, pulled pork, and sausage. John had sliced brisket, pulled pork, and ribs. You should have seen the look on John’s face when he tasted the brisket for the first time! The atmosphere was awesome, with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. The service was great. I even got the cook to show me his smokers (see pic). The portions were very generous too, but it was the taste that was amazing! I’ve never had better brisket and I may have never had better pulled pork in my life. I’ve had BBQ at 100+  of the best places all over the country, and I’ve never had brisket with the perfect mix of smoke flavor, fat cap, and rub.

Pecan Lodge is an absolute must visit for any BBQ lover. It’s almost worth a special visit to Dallas just to go to this place. The best I’ve had in a very long time, if ever.

P.S. My new friend’s name is Winston, and he’s from Michigan. He and his son travel the country riding roller coasters and trying new BBQ. BTW, he agreed that Pecan Lodge was awesome.

Hard Eight BBQ – – Overall: INC

We had a happy hour visit with one of our potential partners here. They heard that we loved BBQ, so they arranged for the meeting here.

This was the first time that John or I have ever gone to a BBQ joint and left without eating BBQ. We’d been at Pecan Lodge earlier in the day. Bummer! We’ll be back…

Spring Creek Barbeque – – Overall: 7.25

My tweet sums this one up. Just about everything about this place was OK, but nothing special. What the it special was sharing it with my girl. 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

BBQ Summary

That was five new BBQ joints to add to our list. The winner this week, hands down, was Pecan Lodge. Pecan Lodge is also the overall #S2Roadshow leader with a score of 9! The current overall standings are listed below.

Overall Standings (at the end of #S2Roadshow Week Three):

  • Pecan Lodge – 9
  • Divine Swine – 8.5
  • Big Ed’s BBQ – 8.25
  • Mission BBQ – 8
  • Blackwood BBQ – 7.5
  • Spring Creek Barbeque – 7.25
  • Redd’s BBQ – 7.25
  • Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ – 7
  • Smoque – 6.75
  • Sweet Lucy’s Smokehouse – 6.75
  • Red Coal BBQ – 6.75
  • Hambone’s Smokehouse – 6.25
  • Shakedown BBQ – N/A (wasn’t open when it was supposed to be, wasted trip)
  • Hard Eight BBQ – INC (we were too full, need to go back)

Pecan Lodge takes the top stop from Divine Swine and Big Ed’s takes up third.

Next Week’s #S2Roadshow

I’m heading west again, and John’s heading east. I’ll be speaking at the San Diego ISSA chapter event and John will be speaking at BSides – SW Virginia. We’ll be taking meetings before and after our speaking engagements with partners and potential partners too!

Stay tuned for next week’s #S2Roadshow updates! You can follow us on Twitter (@evanfrancen, @HarmonJohn, @StudioSecurity, and the #S2Roadshow hashtag) and on LinkedIn.

See you next week! If you want to collaborate with us, get in touch!

The UNSECURITY Podcast – Episode 41 Show Notes

Happy Friday! Time for show notes, and I’m actually early with the notes this time.

We’re humbled and grateful for the growth of the UNSECURITY Podcast audience. Every week breaks a new record, in terms of listeners and downloads. Thank you for spending time with us!

Great show planned this week, with some healthy controversy. I won’t put the controversial stuff in these notes, so you’ll have to listen to get the skinny.

Hope you had a great week! Here’s some quick highlights from us:

  • Our very own Team Ambush came back from Def Con after capturing 2nd place in the warl0ck gam3z capture the flag (CTF)! Helluva accomplishment for an awesome and incredibly skilled group! We’re VERY proud of them and their accomplishment. This is the 2nd year in a row that they’ve captured 2nd place at Def Con. We’ll be talking with the leader of FRSecure’s Technical Services Team, and member of Team Ambush on this show!
  • Speaking of Team Ambush, they were featured on KARE 11 news (one of the largest in Minneapolis/St. Paul) on Wednesday night during prime time. A link to the feature is here;
  • Minnetonka School District is one of the largest and arguably the best school district in Minnesota. I had the pleasure of presenting to their faculty and staff on Monday. The title of the talk was Security@Home Security@Work. In the talk, I featured SecurityStudio’s newest product, S2Me. S2Me is a personal information security assessment and it’s free. If you haven’t done so already, go get your S2Score now! We used the results of the assessments to drive conversation about information security. Great discussion! S2Me is a great conversation starter and we’re excited to go where it takes us.
  • I spent the rest of the week fundraising for SecurityStudio. We’re in the middle of seeking our seed round of funding, and it’s a helluva experience for me. I’ve never raised money before, so I’m learning as I go. If you know anybody who’s willing to share wisdom in this area, send them my way (

Things are good. On to show notes, eh?

SHOW NOTES – Episode 41

Date: Monday, August 19th, 2019

Today’s Topics:

Our topics this week:

  • What is S2Me?
  • More Incident Response(s)
  • Def Con with Oscar
  • Industry News

[Evan] – Hi everybody, and welcome to another episode of the UNSECURITY Podcast! This is episode 41, and I’m Evan Francen, your host. If this isn’t your first time listening, you already knew that. Joining me today is my show buddy, Brad Nigh. Care to say “hi” Brad?

[Brad] Brad almost always says “hi” but we’ll see if he read the show notes. Maybe he’ll come up with something unique.

[Evan] We’re excited for today’s show because we have a first time special guest joining us. None other than the infamous Oscar Minks, joining us from his home base in Kentucky. Oscar, wanna say “hi”?

[Oscar] Hi, or something similar.

[Evan] Oscar, you’re the Director of Technical Services at FRSecure, right? Tell our listeners what that job is.

[Oscar] Tells us what he does here.

[Evan] Thank you Oscar, it’s an honor to have you here.

Brief discussion with Oscar

[Evan] OK. Have you guys heard of the S2Me yet?

[Brad][Oscar] Tell the truth.

[Evan] Have you guys got your S2Score yet? Care to share?

Discussion about S2Me and the theories behind it. Maybe a little chat about Minnetonka School District too

[Evan] More incidents this week. If this keeps up, we might have to dedicate an entire podcast to incident response! Sheesh. I’ll tell you about mine, then you tell me about yours Brad.

Incident response discussion

[Evan] We like responding to incidents because we love helping people. We hate responding to incidents because it means someone is (maybe) in trouble. We’ll see if we make it a week without another one.

[Evan] Two weeks ago, we had “Ben” on the show to talk about going to Def Con among other things. Now Def Con is over, and we can talk a little about our team’s experience. Oscar, you were there. Let’s chat.

Def Con discussion

[Evan] Thank you for sharing Oscar. More to come I’m sure. Let’s wrap this up with some news. We’ll cover as much as we’ve got time for. Three stories to start.


Here’s our news for this week:


[Evan] – Again, that’s how it is. Thank you Oscar for joining us. Thank you Brad for being a great partner. Special thank you to our listeners, and especially those of you who give us input and feedback. You can reach the us on the show by email at

If you’d like to be a guest on the show or if you want to nominate someone to be a guest, send us that information too.

As always, you can find me and/or Brad on Twitter. I’m @evanfrancen and Brad’s at @BradNigh. Oscar, do you twit?

Talk to you all again next week!