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UNSECURITY Episode 134 Show Notes

Alright, welcome back! We had a great run of guests over the past 7 or 8 weeks, and now it’s back to Brad and I for a bit. If you missed any of the guest episode, here’s a recap: Episode 128 Special Guest – Roger Grimes (0n 4/20) Episode 129 Special Guest – Ron Woerner (on 4/27) […]

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UNSECURITY Episode 133 Show Notes

We’re back with another amazing guest this week! It’s our treat to welcome Gabriel Friedlander from Wizer to the show! The guests from the last month (or so) have been incredible. There are so many great people in our industry who are in this for the right reasons, primarily to serve other people! If you […]

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UNSECURITY Episode 132 Show Notes

Hey Listeners! Spring is in full bloom (finally) in Minnesota, and life is good. The weather is great, and last week, our Governor (Tim Walz) lifted the mask mandate for people who are vaccinated and maintain some semblance of social distancing. It’s good to see people’s faces again, especially when they’re smiling. 🙂 We’re grateful […]