Information security is failing. Breaches are epidemic. How can we fix this broken industry? UNSECURITY – the book by Evan Francen. Order your copy now.

“Evan’s straightforward analysis of information security risk as fractured, incomplete and disconnected is spot on. He raises critical points and challenges the reader on the issues and concerns such as the lack of a solid foundation, common language and resources needed for effective protection of the information assets of a business. His “prairie-style” writing weaves honesty, humor, sidebars and stories into a cohesive format that is enlightening and challenging at the same time. His chapter, “Lipstick on a Pig,” pinpoints the issues in information security, and that applying tools and automation does not remediate the problem – as peers we need to challenge others and ourselves in finding solutions to the dilemmas and problems. Only when we, as information security professionals, come together through a common language and foundation, will we be able to truly address and fix what is broken.”

“The ‘hope and a prayer’ version of cyber security practiced by most organizations is being inconveniently exploited now, everywhere. The first step to getting better is to admit that you have a problem AND define it. The second step is to adopt the solutions presented by truly passionate expert. Evan does both in this book – a rare feat by an author these days. The only reason not to buy 2 copies (1 for your IT person) of this book is that you will no longer have any excuses.”

“Evan Francen provides hard hitting, priceless wisdom around fixing our broken information security industry model. Sharing powerful testimony combined with a quarter-century of information security experience, Evan gives shrewd insights to help cybersecurity leaders achieve greater recognition by building a safer community. Success like Evan’s leaves clues. You’re sure to find yours within this compelling book.”

“Evan Francen is a beacon of hope for misunderstood information security professionals everywhere. His book demystifies the scary reality of today’s unsecured information environment. The foundational principles presented in his book are fundamental to building an effective control environment with the necessary controls put in place that will help mitigate the business risk of security breaches. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to truly learn what works and how to do it right, Evan Francen is the expert.”

“Evan has put together a masterful plan on how we can professionalize our industry by standardizing our language and making it understandable to the ’normal’ people in a business. It’s a great read and provides a solid foundation for those of us interested in creating a more cohesive security industry focused completely on mitigating risk while enabling business needs. I highly recommend it.”