My Story

Evan is a sought-after writer and speaker who speaks often on a variety of topics, including information security, social engineering, ransomware, how to protect your company from hackers, threat management, unifying the information security industry, compliance with industry standards, fixing the talent shortage, and more.

My Mission

To fix the broken information security industry by getting everyone to speak the same language and invest in measures that truly enhance security programs.

My Bio

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Evan has extensive experience designing solutions for complex information security problems. He is well-versed in governmental and industry-specific frameworks, regulations, standards and guidelines including NIST CSF, ISO/IEC 27000, FISMA, HIPAA, GLBA, PCI-DSS, FDA CFR Part 11, SOX and COBIT. He is the chief designer of S2SCORE, the information security language spoken by more than 1,500 companies in the United States.

Evan has presented at hundreds of information security conferences and workshops, has written more than 750 articles, and has been featured in dozens of television and radio interviews with noted organizations such as NBC, USA Today, and CBS Radio.