Information security is NOT about information or security as much as it is about PEOPLE.

Making Changes

Somehow you find yourself here. So what?

Good question! I’m not sure what you’re looking for, but I can share what I’m doing.

I’m in the process of refreshing the site ( If you can, please be patient with me as I make all the changes.  This place served its purpose in the previous chapter in my career/life, but now since I’ve transitioned into the next (and last) chapter, the site needs to reflect these changes.

People who know me, know that I’m transparent. I’ll always be that way, but I’ll also do my best to make this place inspiring, and entertaining.

For now (subject to change of course), this is how I’m thinking of organizing things:

  • Home – You know, this page.
  • Squirrels – Updates on the random things.
  • Security – Thoughts, opinions, and advice on information security things.
  • Projects – A list of current projects I’m thinking about working on, projects I am working on and where my status in all of it.
  • About Me – In case you don’t know who I am and care to. Maybe I’ll put my contact information here, but I’m not sure yet.

I’ll post regular updates and tag them for the appropriate page. All this is subject to change of course!

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Figure you should be told now, rather than later. A disclaimer of sorts:

  • I’m Christian, but NOT religious. You know these are different, right?
  • ADHD (sometimes more AD, sometimes more HD, sometimes more of both) is my superpower.
  • ADHD is my also my curse, depending on the situation and who’s around.
  • I genuinely love people, most of them anyway; however, I don’t like people quite as much. To “love” and to “like” are also different.
  • I am NOT politically correct or passive aggressive. You should expect me to say things the way I see them, not the way you want me to see them. I think you should do the same.
  • I swear. Some people label some words as “curse words”. Shed the labels and say what you want! It’s not the word that should offend, it’s how the word is used. Some people don’t like swear words and/or believe using them is “unprofessional”. I disagree. What’s unprofessional is trying to be someone you’re not. If you swear, swear. If you don’t, don’t. In between, why don’t we try harder to accept others for who they are?
  • I don’t lie, but that’s a lie. I do my best, but I’m human. You see, there are two types of lies; lies of commission and lies of omission. The former are much easier to avoid then the latter. People have given me the nickname “truth” and I work VERY hard to live up to the reputation that comes with it.
  • I WILL post things that OFFEND some people. If you are offended by what I write or say, you are ALWAYS free to LEAVE.
  • If you can engage (with me or others you find here) with respect AND logic, please STAY. Who knows, maybe we can work out our differences.
  • If necessary, I will remind you that this is MY site and I will NOT try to be somebody I’m not, especially to appease anyone’s feelings. Nobody needs that!

Everything for me is about the “mission”, and if you stick with me, you’ll get it.

That’s it for now. Let’s get on it!



I don’t think I’ve met a more successful guy in this industry with less bullshit.