Evan’s Squirrel Page

This is the place for updates on some of the random things I do.

Family Visit from FRSecure

What happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico. NOT because anything bad or controversial happens here, far from it. It’s because this is a safe place to be “real”, to let your guard down without being attacked for being you. I’ll share things, but never in detail, protecting those who share things in confidence. ELT in […]

Another Visitor

For people who don’t know, I live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (actually, just south in a town called Mismaloya). Living here is the fulfillment of a dream, literally. I’ll write about “the dream” in future post, it’s pretty cool! We bought our home to provide a place where employees (FRSecure and SecurityStudio) can enjoy a […]

Celebrate Juan

A short post to start things off. I want to introduce you to someone.   This is Juan, our AWESOME maintenance guy. He works his ass off six days a week, keeping everything running smoothly in and around our home. I LOVE Juan like a brother! Today he’s wearing an “Evan uniform”, one of the […]