OSINT (and Human Trafficking) Resources and Suggestions

I’m writing this article for two reasons. To give props to our community and to summarize the quality responses that I got to a recent tweet.


First off, I’d like to give HUGE props to our information security community. Last week I posted the following on Twitter.

I use Twitter like many people do, I’ll respond to interesting topics and post thoughts about things. I’ll get an occasional “Like” here or there for something, and maybe even a “Retweet” once in a while. My expectations are fairly low when it comes to Twitter.

Then, boom! At least boom for me. This tweet gets 442 Likes, 63 Retweets, and a boatload of good responses. THANK YOU INFORMATION SECURITY COMMUNITY! My faith in us is intact.

OSINT (and human trafficking) Suggestions

Here’s the discussion, in no particular order really because I suck or Twitter sucks. Either way, I had too much trouble figuring out how get conversations out in a nice format. Like stubbing my toe on a coffee table over and over again.

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As you can see there are some great responses and resources.

Resources Cited

Here are some of the resources that were collected/referenced. They are completely unorganized, and I’m sure I missed a few. Keep coming back, I’ll organize more and add to this list. If you have more suggestions, comment on the post.

IntelTechniques.com (Web)


@HumanHacker (Chris Hadnagy)


Hetherington Group

Bellingcat (Web)


@kpadvocacy (Kate Price)


@OsintCurious (OSINTCurious)

Trace Labs (Web)


Layer 8 Conference (Web)


@Ginsberg5150 (Frank Castle)



Paterva (Maltego)

@hunchly (OSINT Framework)


Timothy De Block (Blog)

Open Source Intelligence 101 (April Wright’s talk at 2018 Wild West Hackin’ Fest)

@aprilwright (April C. Wright)

Polaris Project

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Certified Human Trafficking Investigator (CHTI)

@C_3PJoe (Joe Gray)

@Dolph_Lundgren (Yes, that Dolph Lundgren)

Dolph Lundgren’s Tech Talk

@HydeNS33K (Jek Hyde)

OSINT.team (Forum; ask questions)





@BadassBowden (Katelyn Bowden)

The Badass Army


@jms_dot_py (Justin Seitz)




So, there you go. I was really impressed with this response, and I’m excited to watch my best friend find her way in all of this.

Tons of great advice, but think the best came from @SecurityTrails:

”She shouldn’t overwhelm herself with resources and trying to learn everything at once. Even learning how to navigate a Linux shell is a great starting point so that she can master more complex commandline tools. Welcome to the infosec family!”

Come back later too. I’ll be re-organizing and adding to this post later.




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