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Still Here (and a Little About Me and ADHD)

For those who know me, you know I’m a squirrel. ADHD has always been a curse, but squirrels have value too dammit! Truth is, ADHD is partly to blame for me neglecting to update this site (evanfrancen.com). Since we’re talking about ADHD. Here’s what Mayo Clinic has to say about the matter (rumor has it, […]

Give, and you will receive. A case study.

“Give, and you will receive” aren’t my words, they were uttered many years ago (See: Bible). People who know me, know that I’m not someone who easily takes advice at face value. If I’m interested enough in the advice, I’ll test it. If I didn’t think the test was conclusive, I’ll test it again. Sometimes […]

Family Visit from FRSecure

What happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico. NOT because anything bad or controversial happens here, far from it. It’s because this is a safe place to be “real”, to let your guard down without being attacked for being you. I’ll share things, but never in detail, protecting those who share things in confidence. ELT in […]

Another Visitor

For people who don’t know, I live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (actually, just south in a town called Mismaloya). Living here is the fulfillment of a dream, literally. I’ll write about “the dream” in future post, it’s pretty cool! We bought our home to provide a place where employees (FRSecure and SecurityStudio) can enjoy a […]

Updated Security Projects Page

If I’m going to use this website, I should probably get better at updating content more often. Today, I updated the “Projects Page”, so YAY ME! As of 10/20/2022, these are the larger efforts/projects I’m working on. I’ll give more detail about each of them in separate posts. I’m a squirrel; therefore, I’m certain other […]

Celebrate Juan

A short post to start things off. I want to introduce you to someone.   This is Juan, our AWESOME maintenance guy. He works his ass off six days a week, keeping everything running smoothly in and around our home. I LOVE Juan like a brother! Today he’s wearing an “Evan uniform”, one of the […]

UNSECURITY Episode 138 Show Notes

Hope you had a wonderful Independence Day (July 4th)! We’ve gone through a lot together in this country, and I love this place we call home. Lots to do in making the USA better, but this will always be the case. This is the best country in the world, and I’m grateful! In case you […]

UNSECURITY Episode 137 Show Notes

It’s been a few weeks since I posted show notes, and even then, I’m late! If you working in the information security industry, you’re probably extremely busy. My busyness is what’s kept me from updating show notes and things. Episode 137 was a fun one. Brad was back and we talked about all Microsoft’s recent […]

M is for Money

Fundamentals are critical to the foundation of an information security program (or strategy). Deficiencies in information security fundamentals are analogous to cracks in a fortress foundation. Fortress defenses won’t stand and neither will your information security protection. The Information Security ABCs are drawn from information security fundamentals. These ABCs are written as education for people […]