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If I’m going to use this website, I should probably get better at updating content more often. Today, I updated the “Projects Page”, so YAY ME!

As of 10/20/2022, these are the larger efforts/projects I’m working on. I’ll give more detail about each of them in separate posts.

  • Certified virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CvCISO) Program – a training and certification program to set the standard for vCISO performance and value.
  • Whole of Information Security Enablement (“WISE”) – an information security methodology for securing complex environments, with helping state governments being the first area of focus.
  • Tangible Experience and Apprenticeship for Cybersecurity in HigherEd (“TEACH”) – a cooperative workforce development program to teach tangible and relevant information security skills to (mostly) post-secondary educators and students through serving organizations operating in underserved/poorly served markets.
  • CISO Advocate – a repeatable, accountable, and measurable service for providing CISO support. On the surface, this might seem easy, but when accountability and value are the driving forces, you’ll see that it’s a lot more work than expected.
  • No Bullshit Security – my next book, a non-politically correct follow-up to UNSECURITY. This book will be VERY bold, so much so, that I’m already prepping myself for an onslaught of pissed off people. If they’re the ones taking advantage of others and/or doing shit wrong, I don’t really care. We need a BIG dose of reality in this industry, and I’ll only write truth I can defend (with logic and/or critical thinking). Who knows, maybe I’ll start a podcast after the book release to invite the pissed off people to tell me where I’m wrong. That could get entertaining!

I’m a squirrel; therefore, I’m certain other projects will pop up along the way. I invite anyone and everyone to collaborate through candid and respectful dialog, so please bring it!


I don’t do spam. I don’t eat it and I don’t send it. Not to mention, it’s also illegal!

I’ll write a privacy policy soon (that you won’t read).

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