Celebrate Juan

A short post to start things off.

I want to introduce you to someone.


This is Juan, our AWESOME maintenance guy. He works his ass off six days a week, keeping everything running smoothly in and around our home. I LOVE Juan like a brother!

Today he’s wearing an “Evan uniform”, one of the t-shirts we bought him as a gift. He’s allowed to wear anything he wants around here, including his “real” uniform; however, we encourage him to be who he is and/or who he wants to be.

There aren’t enough words to describe all the good things we could say about Juan. He ALWAYS does what it takes to do his job well AND he’s ALWAYS content in doing so. His job isn’t glorious and you’d be surprised by how little he’s paid. He’s paid well by local standards, but none (or VERY few) of us would do what he does for what he gets in monetary return.

He performs at a VERY high level on a consistent basis AND he’s a GREAT human being. I’m GRATEFUL for Juan and EVERYONE else like him. He’s an inspiration.

Do me a favor today:

  • STOP and look for someone like Juan in your life. You may not have noticed before, but there are people like him everywhere.
  • CELEBRATE them.
  • THANK them.
  • INVEST in them. If you can, get to know them.
  • DO something nice for them.

Recognize that we CANNOT perform (or live) as well as we do without Juan and the millions like him.

Happy Friday! The squirrels are alive and well…


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