Robocalls Are Dumb, You’re Not

Your cell phone buzzes, you look down and see “No Caller ID”, “Unknown” or maybe a weird number you don’t recognize. Do you answer, or do you just let the call go to voicemail? Some people, myself included, will let these calls go to voicemail. It’s not a bad idea to ignore calls from numbers […]

The UNSECURITY Podcast – Episode 38 Show Notes

YES! I’m on time again. If I get good at this, I won’t need to make this comment anymore. Odds of that? As usual, I’ll give a quick review of the week, then we’ll jump right into the show notes. It was another good and productive week. Gooder and more productiver than I probably deserve, […]

The UNSECURITY Podcast – Episode 37 Show Notes

On time this week? Absolutely! We take these things seriously around here, you know that! Happy Friday UNSECURITY Podcast listeners! It was a great week for us, hope yours was good (or better). Weeks like this one at FRSecure and SecurityStudio are always special. We held our end of quarter meeting at our Minnetonka, MN […]

According to Author, Some Corporations Have “Achieved Security”

A friend of mine brought something to my attention this week. He said he heard there’s a guy out there claiming there are unhackable companies. Me: Unhackable? Friend: Yep, unhackable. Me: What?! No way man. This can’t be true. Friend: Oh yeah, it’s true. Want me to send you a link? Me: Absolutely. I’ve got […]

The UNSECURITY Podcast – Episode 36 Show Notes

Happy Monday! What?! Yeah Monday. Friday came and went, then Saturday and Sunday did too. These show notes that are supposed to be put here on Friday, didn’t get here till now. Enjoy! Last week was a great week until Thursday, that’s when the travel adventures began. I’ll write about being stuck in Newark, NJ […]

The UNSECURITY Podcast – Episode 35 Show Notes

Happy (belated) Birthday America! Hope you all had a great 4th of July holiday! Both Brad and I (sort of) took the week off last week. We got some much needed rest for the 2nd half 2019 push. Brad spent time with his family, catching some huge fish with his kids. I made a road […]

CALL TO ACTION UPDATE – Doing your part about civic ransomware

Does the all caps “CALL TO ACTION UPDATE” get your attention? It’s supposed to. The facts: The call to action still stands. Our municipalities are still under siege. The ransomware threat has far from abated. Too many communities are under-prepared. You aren’t powerless. You have options. You can sit there and do nothing, playing the […]

The UNSECURITY Podcast – Episode 34 Show Notes

Happy Friday! 2019 is almost half-gone. The midpoint is coming next Monday/Tuesday, and that’s crazy to me. Hard to believe that half the year is already gone, but holy cow it’s been a good first half! Hope yours was too! Lots of things happening as usual, but I’ll spare you the details and get right […]

CALL TO ACTION – Do Something About Civic Ransomware

Another city ransomware attack, another payment to the attackers. Another win for the bad guys, and another loss for the rest of us. The question is, are you going to do anything about it? This time the news comes from Lake City, Florida. The 12,000+ citizens of the small(ish) northern Florida town will foot the […]

Ask Questions – Get Answers (hopefully)

Yesterday I wrote a pointed blog post about ransomware (Don’t Suck – Stop Paying Ransoms) and how it ticks me off when people pay a ransom to an attacker. This morning we recorded episode 33 of the UNSECURITY Podcast about the same subject. During the discussion with Brad on the show, I made the comment […]