Episode 110 Show Notes – All Hell Broke Loose

Welcome! These are the show notes for episode 110 of the UNSECURITY Podcast. We’re putting the Information Security @ Home series on hold again this week. In case you didn’t know, it seems we have a big problem on our hands. Over the course of this last week (or so), we’ve witnessed events in our […]

Episode 109 Show Notes – Information Security @ Home

This is Episode 109, and we’re continuing our Information Security @ Home series. We’re smack dab in the middle of the holiday season. Lots of people are going to receive neat, new electronic gadgets as Christmas gifts. Who doesn’t like cool new gadgets?! Your refrigerator can order milk before you’re out of milk, your dishwasher […]

2020 Holiday Shopping Safety Checklist

Just finished putting together this shopping safety checklist. Share freely and enjoy. Wishing everyone a SAFE, HEALTHY, and HAPPY holiday season! Direct download link: https://bit.ly/3qkq5uT Click to access SecurityStudio_HolidayShoppingChecklist.pdf

Episode 108 Show Notes – Information Security @ Home

NOTE: We’ll be a day late this week, recording on Wednesday. Work stuff and personal stuff, you probably know what it’s like. It’s time for episode 108 of the UNSECURITY Podcast! Brad and I (Evan) hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving (assuming you’re in the U.S.). 2020 is a funky year to say the least. […]

H is for Holistic

Despite all the words that could have been chosen for the letter “H”, here it stands for: Holistic We use the word “holistic” semi-frequently in our industry, and there are several definitions. The two definitions I like best are both from the Cambridge Dictionary: dealing with or treating the whole of something or someone and not just a part: and the […]

Episode 107 Show Notes – Happy Thanksgiving

Hey there, it’s time for episode 107 of the UNSECURITY Podcast! Just when you think you can’t get any busier… You get busier. Maybe if I learned to say “no” a little more often. My dilemma is 1) mostly brought on by myself and 2) is a blessing. It’s better to be busy than to […]

G is for Governance

Governance How does the word “governance” make you feel? In full transparency, the word makes me edgy and disturbed. I really don’t like the word “governance”. Maybe you’re a like me, and “governance” gives you a case of the heebie-jeebies. What about this word makes us feel this way? Two things (for me anyway); I […]

Episode 106 Show Notes – Infosec @ Home

Hey there, it’s time for episode 106 of the UNSECURITY Podcast! Short introduction today. Too much going on to get too wordy for now. We’ll just jump right in to the show notes, if you don’t mind. This is Evan, I’m leading the discussion today, and these are my notes… SHOW NOTES – Episode 106 […]

Service and Sacrifice – Happy Birthday USMC

Today marks the 245th birthday of the United States Marine Corps (USMC). HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARINES! To the greatest fighting force on the planet. To the faithful men and women who serve our country with bravery only they can fathom. To the “Jarheads”, “Devil Dogs”, “Teufel Hunden”,  and “Leathernecks” who give all so others can have. […]

UNSECURITY Podcast – Ep 105 Show Notes – Honest IR

Alright, the U.S. election season is over. Now we can all focus again, right? Maybe, maybe not. Before we get too far, I want to call your attention to an article I wrote last week titled “Good People Didn’t Vote For Your Guy“. Healing and unity are long overdue in our country. I’m hoping we […]