UNSECURITY Podcast – Ep 101 Show Notes – Election Security

Well, it’s already mid-October and the election is 21 days (three weeks) away. Things have never seemed crazier or more divided, at least not in my lifetime. Good fodder for discussion in episode 101 of the UNSECURITY Podcast! Work-wise things are also crazy, but good. Fourth quarter is always nuts for an information security company, […]

B is for Business

A business is in business to make money. You and me? We’re in the business of living life. Don’t forget either of these points, now or when you’re doing your (information security) work. Personally, I get messed up sometimes, thinking I’m in the business of securing/protecting everything under the sun, forgetting to live life. Protecting […]

UNSECURITY Podcast – Ep 100 Show Notes – The Social Dilemma Pt2

Hard to believe that this is episode 100 already! I’ll have to write a recap of the journey sometime soon. Crazy things all over the place here at FRSecure and SecurityStudio. If you’ve been an information security consultant, or if you know one, you know that 4th quarter is a crazy time of year. Turns […]

A is for Accountability

Information security ABCs – An exercise in the fundamentals and basics of information security for everyone. Accountability the state of being accountable, liable, or answerable. This is where information security starts. If accountability were better understood, agreed upon, practiced, and enforced, we’d have much better information security. Who’s ultimately responsible for information security in your […]

UNSECURITY Podcast – Ep 99 Show Notes – The Social Dilemma

Happy Tuesday! Here we are again, and lots going on… The big news (sort of) is the first presidential debate is tonight. I wonder how many people will tune in. Personally, I’m not sure if I will. We’ll see. A few weeks ago my wife asked me to watch the social dilemma with her on […]

UNSECURITY Podcast – Episode 98 Show Notes

Here we are again, another Tuesday, and another episode of the UNSECURITY Podcast! Tons going on, as usual. Last week we released a couple new FREE things at SecurityStudio: Work From Home Security Policy Template – Located at the bottom of our S2Team page. If you don’t know what S2Team is, you should definitely take […]

UNSECURITY Podcast – Episode 97 Show Notes

Good morning! Happy Tuesday! Thinking Brad is back again this week. I dig that because I dig Brad! Last week, Brad was out feeling sick. This led to a solo recording of the UNSECURITY Podcast; go check out episode 96 if you want to hear me do my most awkward podcast yet. Busy, Busy, Busy […]


They’re not the same and treating either as the other has consequences. FACT: something that has actual existence, or the quality of being actual. OPINION: a view, judgment, or appraisal formed in the mind about a particular matter. Facts seem to be in short supply, but the shelves in the warehouse of human discourse are […]

UNSECURITY Podcast – Episode 96 Show Notes

Hope you had a fantastic Labor Day weekend! Personally, it was nice to get away with family and disconnect for a while! Did you know the history of Labor Day? It’s always the first Monday in September, ad it’s dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. The first state to recognize the […]

UNSECURITY Podcast – Episode 95 Show Notes

I don’t have any words to describe 2020. COVID-19, social justice events (George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, protests, riots, etc., etc.), economic issues, the election cycle, and on and on. This is going to be a helluva year to recap come December, and it’s a helluva year to remember (or forget). One thing that struck […]