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Evan’s Projects Page

This is where I’m posting information about some of the projects that I’m currently working on. Some projects are much further along than others, some projects will never get done (being honest), and some projects will find their way into the hands of consultants and/or customers. As I’m working on/leading projects, I’ll post updates and tag them appropriately. If you have input or questions about any of these projects, or if you’d like to help, let me know! I dig working with cool people. As of 10/20/2022, these are the major projects I’m working on.

  • Certified virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CvCISO) Program – a training and certification program to set the standard for vCISO performance and value.
  • Whole of Information Security Enablement (“WISE”) – an information security methodology for securing complex environments, with the state government as the first area of focus.
  • Tangible Experience and Apprenticeship for Cybersecurity in HigherEd (“TEACH”) – a cooperative workforce development program to teach relevant information security skills to (mostly) post-secondary educators and students by serving (mostly) the small business community.
  • CISO Advocate – a repeatable, accountable, and measurable service for providing CISO support. On the surface, this might seem easy to you, but when value is the driving force, you’ll see that it’s a lot more work than you expected.
  • No Bullshit Security – my next book, a non-politically correct follow-up to UNSECURITY. This book will be VERY bold, and I’m preparing myself for an onslaught of pissed off people. If they’re the ones taking advantage of others and/or doing shit wrong, I don’t really care. We need a BIG dose of reality in this industry, and I’ll only write truth I can defend (with logic and/or critical thinking). Who knows, maybe I’ll start a podcast after the book release to invite the pissed off people to tell me where I’m wrong. That could get entertaining!

I’m a squirrel; therefore, I’m certain that other projects that pop up along the journey. Again, I invite anyone and everyone to collaborate through candid and respectful feedback, so please bring it! -Evan [/av_textblock] [av_blog blog_type=’posts’ categories=’523′ link=’category’ blog_style=’single-big’ content_length=’excerpt_read_more’ contents=’excerpt’ date_filter=” date_filter_start=” date_filter_end=” date_filter_format=’yy/mm/dd’ period_filter_unit_1=’1′ period_filter_unit_2=’year’ offset=’0′ conditional=” bloglist_width=” columns=’3′ preview_mode=’auto’ image_size=’portfolio’ items=’3′ paginate=’yes’ img_scrset=” lazy_loading=’disabled’ alb_description=” id=” custom_class=” template_class=” av_uid=’av-l8nv8lxl’ sc_version=’1.0′]