The UNSECURITY Podcast – Episode 52 Show Notes

Yay us! This is the one year anniversary of the UNSECURITY Podcast! 

Episode 52. One year, one episode per week, fifty-two episodes. Hard to believe it’s already been a year. We didn’t miss a single week, and if you know us (well, me anyway), you know that’s almost miraculous. Some weeks were tough to get something recorded, but we did it anyway.

Last week was a good one around here. I’m not sure what Brad’s been up to because we haven’t caught up with each other yet.

For me, I gave a couple talks at a couple of conferences, made a short Dallas trip, and did some other neat stuff.

Last week was a great show with special guest, lead pen-tester, and all around awesome guy Eric Hanson. We’re pleased to have another special guest this week! David Kruse is joining us to share his perspectives on things. It’s gonna be another great show!

My show to lead this week and these are my notes.

SHOW NOTES – Episode 52

Date: Monday, November 4th, 2019

Show Topics:

Our topics this week:

  • One Year Anniversary
  • Introducing David Kruse
    • How’d you get here? 
    • Cyber Insurance
    • Speaking
  • Industry News

[Evan] Hey UNSECURITY Podcast listeners! This is episode 52, the date is November 4th, 2019, and I’m your host, Evan Francen. My guy is with me, Brad Nigh. Tell the folks something Brad.

[BradWords, words, words, etc.

[Evan] Alright, we’ve got a great show planned!

  • We’re going to talk about 0ur first year of podcasting, and some of what we’ve learned.
  • We’re going to welcome our guest David Kruse. He’s an awesome dude who’s got a cool career story. He also knows a ton about cyber insurance, so we’re going ask him all sorts of challenging cyber insurance questions.
  • After all this, we’re going to discuss some interesting news stories, including Google’s Fitbit purchase announcement.\

Ready Brad?

[Brad] Of course he is.

[Evan] OK. Joining us this morning is a pretty swell guy, David Kruse. Good morning David!

[David] Unless we have technical issues, David will probably say something.

[Evan] You guys, I can’t believe this is the one year anniversary of the UNSECURITY Podcast! We’ll do the official One Year Anniversary Show next week, but let’s talk about this.

One Year Anniversary Discussion
  • Reminiscing – some cool and some funny show moments
  • People we’ve met, and some of our favorite peeps
  • What’s next? Ideas.

[Evan] It’s been a good year. Here’s to an even better one ahead! OK, now let’s talk about you David. 

Introducing David Kruse
  • How’d you get here? – One of the most fascinating things David shared with me was his career path. It’s pretty wild. There are some interesting parallels between his path and mine. Should be a good talk!
  • Cyber Insurance – David has some awesome cyber insurance experience and advice.
  • Speaking – David does some speaking, including keynotes. Let’s get his perspective, tips, and tricks on this too.

[Evan] It’s great talking to you and it’s great knowing you David! Thanks for sharing brother. Let’s wrap the show up with some news stories. 


[Evan] We’ve got two (maybe three) news stories to discuss this week, but one news story in particular that caught my eye was Google’s intended purchase of FitBit. Ugh.


[Evan] Episode 52 is a wrap. Well, almost. Thank you for joining us David! Hopefully we can do this again in the future.

Thank you to our listeners! Keep the questions and feedback coming. We love it,. Send things to us by email at If you’re the social type, socialize with us on Twitter, I’m @evanfrancen, and Brad’s @BradNigh. David, do you have a way you want people to social ice with you? 

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That’s it! Talk to you all again next week!


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