Daily inSANITY Check-in

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Compassion Wins

As you know too well, the COVID-19 pandemic seems to have changed everything. Nothing is the same. We don’t work the same, we don’t shop the same, we don’t entertain the same, and some of us don’t even defecate the same (without toilet paper). No doubt, we’ve endured massive changes to our lives. Compounding the resulting chaos is the uncertainty about our future.

One thing hasn’t changed, and that’s our human compassion.

Through human compassion we will endure together. By our endurance we will prevail together too.

The Start of the Daily inSANITY Check-in

We knew early on, from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, that we’d struggle with mental health. The truth is, some of us have always struggled with mental health. Sanity is precious and need to do all we can to protect it. Rather than sit idly by, and let ourselves blow in the wind, we decided to do something. On March 23rd, six days after FRSecure and SecurityStudio closed our physical offices, we started this thing called the Daily inSANITY Check-In.

Here’s what the Daily inSANITY Check-In is all about:

If you need a break from the chaos, or just want to talk about things, we’re hosting the Daily inSANITY Check-in for these reasons (among others).

Never has the world changed so significantly and affected so many in such a short period. These times are historic, and the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) are not fully known. What we do know is we’ll never be the same. The prominent changes to our lives can force many of us to lose focus and even affect our mental health. Noise generated by the unrelenting media coverage, marketing, and scams only exacerbates our problems.

The purpose of the Daily inSANITY Check-in is to provide a safe place for people to discuss current events, information security things, challenges we’re facing, or whatever else comes to mind. The check-ins are short (30- to- 60-minute) daily meetings with discussion. People are always free to come and go as they please.

This is a joint effort from FRSecure and SecurityStudio, and the host is FRSecure and SecurityStudio CEO, Evan Francen. Joining Evan as co-hosts are Ryan Cloutier, SecurityStudio Principal Security Consultant and Brad Nigh. FRSecure Director of Professional Services & Innovation.

We hope you’ll come join the conversation aimed at restoring and/or maintaining our sanity!

Rules for the Daily inSANITY Check-in are:

  • Be yourself.
  • Respect everyone.
  • Respect opinions.
  • Be kind.

Anyone not playing by the rules is not welcome. Sorry.

Still Going Strong

Today is May 11th, 2020 and we still meet every day. Altogether, we’ve had seventy-nine (79) people visit, and there are many of us who’ve been here since the start. The relationships we’ve built here are real and they’re strong. These solid friendships around our “virtual water cooler” (as it’s been called by some) are incredible, and you’re invited too!

Everyone is welcome to join us. If you need some support or you’ve got some to give, come say “hi”! If you want to share your audio or video, you can. If you don’t, don’t. We’ll welcome you when you come and we’ll be here when you need us!

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