The UNSECURITY Podcast – Episode 85 Show Notes – Women in Security Pt2

It’s been a good week around here. I hope you’re well.

Women in Security Series – Part One

We kicked off the Women in Security series last week, and we couldn’t have chosen a better first guest to help us off on the right track! Renay Rutter, FRSecure’s COO, shared some of the experience, wisdom, and insight she’s gained over her 30+ year IT career. Brad and I learned a ton!

If you missed last week’s episode, you can catch up here;

Women in Security Series – Part Two

Now we’re heading into Part Two of the Women in Security series on the UNSECURITY Podcast, and we’re VERY excited to announce this week’s guest, Lori Blair! Lori’s another veteran, and you’ll love her practical, level-headed approach to information security. She’s another person with a ton of experience and some great insight to share.


Women in Security Series – Future Guests & Episodes

There’s been great interest in this series. We love it!

Many of our listeners have reached out to us (Brad and I), recommending women that we should have on the show as guests. We could easily dedicate our entire podcast to the topic; however, we do need to limit how long the series goes (for a number of reasons). As it looks now, we will be running this series through the end of July (at least)! So far, we have an additional five women lined up to speak with us (and you). Our future guests include a lady who’s sort of new to the field, a lady who’s won multiple awards and runs her own organization, a lady who’s studying information security topics as a senior in a well-respected university, a lady who’s been CISO in multiple organizations, and a lady who helps organizations by selling information security consulting services.

We’ve got an all-star lineup of amazing women to share their stuff with us!

Let’s get on with the show!

Brad’s leading the show this week, and these are his notes…

SHOW NOTES – Episode 85

Date: Monday, June 22nd, 2020

Episode 85 Topics

  • Opening
  • Introducing Our Special Guest: Lori Blair
  • Catching Up (as per usual)
  • Women in Security
  • News
  • Wrapping Up – Shout outs

[Brad] Welcome back! This is episode 85 of the UNSECURITY Podcast, and I’m your host this week, Brad Nigh. Today is June 22nd, and joining me this morning as usual is Evan Francen.

[Evan] I’m guessing he has stories about deck building or motorcycle riding.

[Brad] We have our 2nd guest in the Women in Security series this week. FRSecure’s own Senior Security Analyst, Lori Blair. Lori is easily one of our most experienced and talented Analysts at FRSecure. She has over 20 years experience in information security and has experience across multiple industries as both a consultant and as a manager in organizations. Thank you for joining us this morning!

[Lori] This is where we find out if Lori is a morning person or not.

[Brad] Before we get going, let’s recap our week quick.

Catching Up

Quick discussion about last week, the weekend, or whatever else comes to mind.

[Evan] Evan struggles, as I do, to remember what happened last week.

[Brad] And what about you Lori?

[Lori] Hopefully, she does better than Evan and I did at recapping her last week.

Alright, now on to our series topic.

Women in Security, Part Two

[Brad] This is the second week of our series discussing the topic of women in the information security industry. We’ve already received a ton of positive feedback from Part One, so I’m excited to keep the momentum going with Lori here in Part Two.

Do we have a shortage of women in our industry? If so, what’s the big deal? Why is the topic important for us to talk about? Lot’s of questions and I’m sure just about everyone has an opinion. Instead of people listening to our opinions, we’re going to talk to the people this relates to the most; women! What better way to get a woman’s perspective on things than to talk to a woman? Let’s do this.

Open Discussion

  • How you got into the industry?
  • Your journey in the industry.
  • Advice you have for someone starting out.
  • Do you think we need more women in our industry and why?
  • Opinions about the talent shortage in our industry.
  • What can we do better in recruiting more people, and specifically more women in our industry?
  • Whatever else we’d like to share.

[Brad] Thank you Lori! Good information and things to think about more. Much appreciated! How about some quick news stuff?


[Brad] Like every week, there is no shortage of news in our industry. Here are three stories I’d like to discuss quick:

Wrapping Up – Shout outs

[Brad] That’s it for episode 85. Thank you Lori for a great second installment of the Women in Security series. We’re lining up our guest for next week and it’s going to be another great show! Either of you have any shout outs this week?

[Evan and/or Lori] We’ll see.

[Brad] Thank you to all our listeners! Keep the questions, feedback and suggestions coming. One topic suggestion we just received this morning was to discuss Mandiant, Capital One, incident response, and confidential legal reports. Interesting story that Evan might pick up next week. If you’ve got something you’d like to hear us talk about, you can email us at You social types can follow us on Twitter if you’d like. I’m @BradNigh and Evan is @evanfrancen.

The companies we work for are pretty social too. SecurityStudio’s Twitter is @studiosecurity and FRSecure’s Twiiter is @FRSecure.

That’s it! Talk to you all again next week!


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