Memorial Day 2024

Nearly 156 years ago (May 30, 1868) John A. Logan, Commander in Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) proclaimed this day as Decoration Day to honor Union soldiers who died in the American Civil War.

John Alexander Logan

Since the Civil War, the total number of U.S. military personnel who have died in various wars is estimated to be over 1.1 million. This includes battle deaths and other causes such as disease and accidents.

  • Civil War (1861-1865): Approximately 620,000 to 750,000 soldiers died.
  • Indian Wars (approx. 1865-1898): Around 1,000 deaths.
  • Spanish-American War (1898): About 2,446 deaths (385 in combat and 2,061 from disease).
  • World War I (1917-1918): Approximately 116,516 deaths.
  • World War II (1941-1945): About 405,399 deaths.
  • Korean War (1950-1953): Approximately 36,574 deaths.
  • Vietnam War (1961-1975): Around 58,220 deaths.
  • Gulf War (1990-1991): Approximately 294 deaths.
  • Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (2001-present): Over 7,000 deaths.

These figures account for major conflicts and do not include various smaller operations and engagements that also resulted in casualties​ (Wikipedia)​​ (​​ (Veterans Affairs)​. In 1971, Memorial Day was declared a national holiday by an act of Congress to be observed on the last Monday in May.

1980 – 2022

Accidents, illnesses, homicides and self-inflicted wounds account for the vast majority of the death toll over the period of 1980 – 2022. Active Component suicide rates have gradually increased since 2011.  In CY 2022, 492 Service members died by suicide, which is fewer than the previous year (524); it is important to note that while the total count of suicide deaths went down, it is the overall rate – which is the focus of the ASRM report – of suicide deaths per 100,000 that went up by 3% (Department of Defense (DoD)).

Service to Our Country

These are all men and women who died in the service of our country. Think about that.

  • They Died. This is the ultimate sacrifice. Once you’ve given your life, there is nothing more to give.
  • In the Service. Doing what they were told to do in the name of protecting you and me. It’s easy to take shit for granted when you haven’t seen how much of the rest of the world lives. We have rights and freedoms that don’t exist anywhere else. If you want to live under Sharia, Communism, or a dictatorship, you’re free to go to other countries where these things exist. Here in the U.S. you have the freedom to do so.
  • Of Our Country. The United States is our country. Despite all the bullshit people spew about our country, especially the bullshit we spew about each other, this is the best county that has ever existed. We can always find fault in ourselves, but should never do so at the expense of neglecting what makes us beautiful.


Today is Memorial Day. Today is a day to remember and honor the men and women who answered the call and gave it all. It’s NOT your day and it’s NOT just another day. It’s NOT a day to celebrate and it’s NOT a day to mark the start of the summer.

At 1500 local time, stop what you’re doing and observe a minute of silence to remember and honor those who have died in service to our nation.

God bless the men and women who sacrificed for the people!

Closing note for the people who are discontent, don’t love our country, and aren’t willing to make things better for everyone, please explore other options.


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