The UNSECURITY Podcast – Episode 53 Show Notes

We’re celebrating our one year anniversary with a special episode! Last week was the one year anniversary of the UNSECURITY Podcast, in case you missed it.

Brad and I are taking the week off from doing a live show this week while Brandon Matis (FRSecure’s Marketing All-Star) puts together the show. This week’s show will highlight some of the most memorable moments of the past year, and should be a must-listen.

Brad and I will be back next week (episode 54) with a live special guest, Kenneth Bechtel. I ran into Kenneth at the Harrisburg BSides event during week one of the SecurityStudio Roadshow (#S2Roadshow), where he was the keynote speaker. Kenneth is a pioneer in malware research and threat intelligence, but he’s having some troubles landing a job. We’ll find out what gives. This is sure to be a great show next week, so tune in!

We’re excited about the second year of the UNSECURITY Podcast! We’ve learned a lot about podcasting and we’re planning to have a ton of interesting guests in the weeks ahead.


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