The UNSECURITY Podcast – Episode 87 Show Notes – Women in Security Pt4

Welcome back! Hope you and your loved ones had an enjoyable 4th of July holiday. It was a HOT one here in Minnesota!

Women in Security Series

So far, the Women in Security Series has been a smashing success! We’ve had three women share their perspectives on our show thus far, and we’ve got another five or six planned. We’re honored that our guests would share their stories about being a woman in our industry and also give us their opinions about women in information security in general. We’ve learned a ton already, and we’re hungry to learn more!

Our series will be at least ten parts long, meaning 1) we’re not even half done yet and 2) we’ll continue this until mid-August (episode 93 or 94).

Here’s our guest line up thus far:

  • Episode 84 – Renay Ruter (an information security business/IT executive)
  • Episode 85 – Lori Blair (a 35-year information security veteran)
  • Episode 86 – Victoria Fogarty (relatively new to the industry)
  • Episode 87 (today) – Kristin Judge (founder and CEO of the Cybercrime Support Network, SC Media “Women in IT Security Influencer” in 2017, former Director of Government Affairs at the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), thought leader, and all-around amazing information security expert)
  • Episode 88 – Andrea Hatcher (Senior majoring in Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations at Pennsylvania State University)
  • Episode 89 – Judy Hatchett (Information security corporate leader and expert formerly with Accenture, Best Buy, SUPERVALU, 3M, Fairview Health Services, and current VP, Information Security and CISO at Surescripts)
  • Episode 90 – Amy McLaughlin (Information security leader and expert in education, having served with the State of Oregon, the Consortium for School Network (CoSN), Chemeketa Community College, and Oregon State University)
  • Episode 91 – TBD/not-yet-confirmed (information security executive in healthcare, CISO in higher education, or senior information security sales executive)
  • Episode 92 – TBD/not-yet-confirmed (information security executive in healthcare, CISO in higher education, or senior information security sales executive)
  • Episode 93 – TBD/not-yet-confirmed (information security executive in healthcare, CISO in higher education, or senior information security sales executive)

How awesome is this lineup?!  WOW! We purposely selected a variety of different perspectives from within the women in our field, but this is way better than we expected!

Here’s what we’ve done so far…

Women in Security Series – Part One

We kicked off the Women in Security series on June 15th, and we couldn’t have chosen a better first guest! Renay Rutter, FRSecure’s COO, got the series started with sharing her experience, wisdom, and insight she’s gained over her 30+ year IT career. Brad and I learned a ton!

If you missed this episode, you can catch up here;

Thank you Renay!

Women in Security Series – Part Two

We kept things in the FRSecure family for week two, hosting Lori Blair. Lori is a treasure chest of information security knowledge and wisdom, beginning from when she started her information security career in 1985. Think about that for a second; 1985?! For the math folks in the house, that’s 35 years!

I have a TON of respect for Lori, and her opinions carry weight for me (and many others). It’s not just her experience that makes Lori amazing, she’s a wonderful, practical, and level-headed person who loves mentoring others. This is a can’t miss episode, go give a listen here;

Thank you Lori!

Women in Security Series – Part Three

Part Three was incredible! Victoria is very relatable and she’s a natural when it comes to effective communication. She did a great job explaining how she transitioned from Insurance Adjuster to Information Security Associate Analyst at FRSecure. Her journey is pretty cool so far, and her future is VERY bright in our industry. She even shared a shocker (at least for me) in this episode. Definitely worth the listen! If you missed episode 86, here it is;

Thank you Victoria!

Women in Security Series – Part Four

This is our first guest in the series who works outside the FRSecure/SecurityStudio family, and we’re honored to have her join us! We welcome Kristin Judge to our show for Part Four and Episode 87. We don’t know Kristin as well as we know the previous three guests, but judging from her BIO and LinkedIn profile, she stacks up with the best our industry has to offer! This episode is Brad’s to lead and there is no shortage of things we could talk to Kristin about (her work as Washtenaw County Commissioner, her start in information security, her time as Executive Director of Trusted Purchasing Alliance at the Center for Internet Security, her time as Director of Special Projects and Government Affairs for the National Cyber Security Alliance, her time as an information security entrepreneur, her founding of the Cybercrime Support Network, etc., etc.). Truly an amazing person that we’re very excited to chat with!


Let’s get on with the show!

Brad’s leading the show this week, and these are his notes…

SHOW NOTES – Episode 87

Date: Monday, July 6th, 2020

Episode 87 Topics

  • Opening
  • Introducing Our Special Guest: Kristin Judge (current CEO/President of the Cybercrime Support Network)
  • Catching Up (as per usual)
  • Women in Security
  • News
  • Wrapping Up – Shout outs

[Brad] Welcome back! This is episode 87 of the UNSECURITY Podcast, and I’m your host this week, Brad Nigh. Today is July 6th, and joining me this morning as usual is Evan Francen.

[Evan] Hopefully Evan took the holiday weekend off to relax, let’s find out.

[Brad] We have an incredible guest this week, our 4th in the Women in Security series! She’s our first guest in the series from outside the FRSecure family, and I’m sure she has great stories and wonderful insights to share with us. She’s got a long BIO, including:

  • Former Washtenaw (MI) County Commissioner
  • Former Center for Internet Security (CIS) Director of Partner Engagement and Executive Director of Trusted Purchasing Alliance
  • Former National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) Director of Special Projects and Government Affairs
  • Former Principal and Owner of Opcio Solutions
  • Current Cybersecurity Author of numerous education and awareness courses
  • Current CEO/President and Founder of the Cybercrime Support Network (CSN)

And I’m sure, many, many other cool things. We’re honored to have Kristin Judge join us on the show this morning. Welcome Kristin!

[Kristin] I haven’t actually met Kristin prior to this so I don’t know what she will say.

[Brad] We sort of have a tradition around here. Before we dive in, we catch-up with each other quick. Let’s recap our week.

Catching Up

Quick discussion about last week, the weekend, or whatever else comes to mind.

[Evan] Short week and long weekend…

[Brad] And what about you Kristin?

[Kristin] I’m sure she did something very cool.

[Brad] Alright, let’s get on with the series!

Women in Security, Part Four

[Brad] This is the fourth week of our series discussing the topic of women in the information security industry. Personally I’ve found the first three weeks to be incredibly enlightening, even with people that I’ve worked with very closely for years. I’m really looking forward to hearing an “outsider’s” perspective and continue this conversation. So with that let’s dive in!

Do we have a shortage of women in our industry? If so, what’s the big deal? Why is the topic important for us to talk about? Lot’s of questions and I’m sure just about everyone has an opinion. Instead of people listening to our opinions, we’re going to talk to the people this relates to the most; women! What better way to get a woman’s perspective on things than to talk to a woman? Let’s do this.

Open Discussion (~30 minutes)

  • How you got into the industry?
  • Your journey in the industry.
  • Advice you have for someone starting out.
  • Do you think we need more women in our industry and why?
  • Opinions about the talent shortage in our industry.
  • What can we do better in recruiting more people, and specifically more women in our industry?
  • Whatever else we’d like to share.

[Brad] Thank you Kristin! Again, we’re honored to have you join us! Please feel free to stick around while we cover a few news stories from the past week.


[Brad] Here are a few news stories from the pas week that I thought were interesting…

Wrapping Up – Shout outs

[Brad] That’s it for episode 87. Thank you Kristin for a joining us and making this fourth installment of to the Women in Security series a great one! We’ve got more amazing guests lined up for the next five(ish) weeks, again I’m really looking forward to hearing their perspectives. Either of you have any shout outs this week?

[Evan and/or Kristin] We’ll see.

[Brad] Thank you to all our listeners! Keep the questions and feedback coming. Send things to us by email at If you’re the social type, socialize with us on Twitter, I’m @BradNigh, and Evan is @evanfrancen. Kristin, is there a particular way you’d prefer people to find you?

Lastly, be sure to follow SecurityStudio (@studiosecurity) and FRSecure (@FRSecure) for more goodies.

That’s it! Talk to you all again next week!


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