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The UNSECURITY Podcast – Episode 26 Show Notes

Happy Friday! Er, I mean Saturday. I’m a day late again, but whatever. I had work to do and stuff. Spring (finally) seems like it’s in full swing now here in Minnesota. That’s a good thing because the snow was really getting old. Actually, it got old in February and everything else since then was […]

Must have more data…

So, I wrote the first book, Unsecurity based more on experience and less on research. It was easy (well, not “easy”) because the audience for the book were the people in my own tribe (information security people). It was like writing a book to myself. Now I’m writing the second book, and the audience has […]

Are Information Security People Arrogant?

I hate speaking in generalities, even though I do so often, but I’ve been thinking about something lately. Are information security people arrogant? This thought came to head a while back while I was visiting my mother. We were talking about life, and I was sharing some of my frustration in my line of work […]

UNSECURITY Podcast Episode 25 Show Notes

Yes! Made it to another Friday. I didn’t get enough stuff done this week, but whatever. It’s always good to make it to another Friday! We have a special guest this week! Read on… If you’re new to this thing, these are our show notes for the Unsecurity Podcast. This is episode 25 already, can […]

UNSECURITY Podcast Episode 24 Show Notes

Happy Friday! It’s Good Friday.  If you missed episode 23 of the Unsecurity Podcast, you can still check it out here. Brad’s hosting episode 24. He sent me his notes to post. So, these are his notes, but I might have put a little of my own flavor to ‘em. We had another great week […]

#100DaysofTruth – Week One

If you follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn, you may have noticed that I started a new campaign. The name of the campaign is #100DaysofTruth, and it’s a pretty simple concept. Each day at 8:00am CDT I’ll post a new truth about information security, one per day. See?! Simple. I have two reasons for doing […]

UNSECURITY Podcast Episode 23 Show Notes

[My Notes (Evan)] <— tuple nested within a list, but my syntax sucks. 😉 Happy Saturday! Friday came and went before I could get this update done. It was good to spend the entire week at home (finally). Reconnecting with the people I love is refreshing for my soul. Had a great week! Hope you did […]

UNSECURITY Podcast Episode 22 Show Notes

Happy Friday from the road (again)! Sitting in a Buffalo, NY Starbucks writing these notes. I guess it beats Brighton Beach (SC) or Hackensack (NJ).  Some of these notes are Brad’s and some are mine. Brad took a 5:45am flight out of Rochester this morning, and I have a later flight. He started these notes […]

UNSECURITY Podcast Episode 21 Show Notes

I’m a little less late with the show notes this week. This week, Brad and I are back together. Brad’s back from his vacation, I’ve been back from mine, and now we’re in Rochester working on some projects. It’s always good to have Brad back, and I’m looking forward to a good week. Last week’s […]